Industry-leading Technical SEO Data for Competitive Websites

Collect and analyze technical SEO data for large or complex websites, in order to support your competitive digital strategy and ensure website and brand visibility on search engines.


Oncrawl works behind the scenes for websites you know

Address your technical SEO problems head-on

Rich data and cross-analysis

Blend different types of information to prioritize SEO projects, identify areas that move the needle, understand relationships between technical SEO metrics, website performance, and business KPIs.

Excellent scalability

Oncrawl is built to handle the complexity that comes from very large datasets, big websites, and technically complex websites commonly seen among websites built for e-commerce, job boards and classified ads, and medias.

Powerful segmentation system

Group pages and breakdown website sections to better spot trends and understand technical behavior. This is the key to identifying quick-wins and determining which projects to prioritize.

Permanent data availability and history

Analyze and learn from changes over time; establish before/after scenarios; use data collected via Oncrawl in custom tools, analyses and workflows.

Our clients' results speak for themselves

" Oncrawl’s performances are amazing. The Search Engine Optimization platform is very fast, independent of how much data you have on your account, and it offers seamless crawling and log file analysis, e.g. through AWS S3 integration. The log files analysis daily helps me see where and what Google crawls - and with automated crawls, I can monitor everything, from crawl errors, status codes, pagerank distribution, etc. "
Kevin Indig Previously SEO Director at Shopify and G2