Audit your SEO traffic

OnCrawl helps you understand how your organic traffic is distributed and how usage metrics matter for your SEO.

Why focus on SEO traffic?

Understand where your organic traffic is coming from and how your SEO impacts your users’ behavior and your traffic.

Get the most comprehensive analysis of your organic traffic

Search results are a valuable source of traffic. Understanding how traffic is distributed and which pages receive the most organic traffic is crucial.

  • See how organic visits are distributed throughout your website in one click
  • Aggregate all the SEO metrics pertaining to your active pages
  • Set your “ideal page metrics” to monitor pages generating SEO visits

Understand how your usage metrics influence your rankings

Since the very first Panda update, usage metrics are increasingly significant for SEO. That’s why OnCrawl computes precise indicators for you to take action on.

  • Check the influence of payload or size of content on bounce rate or time spent on page
  • Determine the threshold regarding bounce rate to avoid Panda penalties
  • Visualize how your content optimizations impact usage

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