Audit your SEO traffic

OnCrawl can integrate with major analytics solutions like Google Analytics or AT Internet. The crawl vs analytics report helps you better understand your organic traffic and learn which usage metrics matter for your SEO.

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Why focusing on SEO traffic?

Understand from where your organic traffic is coming and how your SEO is impacting your user’s behavior and traffic.

Get the most comprehensive analysis of your organic traffic

Search results are a valuable source of traffic and understanding how it is distributed and which pages are receiving the most organic traffic is crucial.

  • See how organic visits are distributed along your website in one click
  • Aggregate all the SEO metrics of your active pages
  • Set your “ideal page metrics” to get page generating SEO visits.

Understand how your usage metrics are influencing your rankings

Since the very first Panda update, usage metrics are becoming more and more significant for SEO. That’s why OnCrawl is computing precise indicators for you to take action on.

  • Check the influence of payload or size of content on bounce rate or time spent on page
  • What is the threshold regarding bounce rate to avoid any Panda penalty
  • Know how usages vary depending on all your content optimisations

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