Andor Palau

Andor Palau is an International SEO Consultant, brand ambassador and award judge for several search awards. With many years of experience in online marketing, his core areas of expertise are SEO strategies and technical SEO. Within those areas, he focuses on covering topics such as crawlability, indexing and site structure optimization. As a technical SEO and search strategy specialist, he primarily works with e-commerce companies, marketplaces and publishers to help them overcome the challenges of the ever-changing field of organic search. Andor previously managed a 20+ person SEO team at one of Germany’s well known performance marketing agencies. Before he took over the SEO Consulting division there in 2014, he worked as in-house SEO for one of the top three German comparison sites for electricity, gas, cars, internet, insurance and finance.
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Crawling & Log Files

Crawling & Log Files: Use cases & experience based tips An in-depth look at...
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November 2, 2022
By Andor Palau