What’s inside?

Pierre Bruat, SEO Project Manager at 1001 Pneus, the number 2 online tyre retailer in France, daily uses OnCrawl’s log analyzer for controling how Google behaves on his website. With more than 26 000 product references, 1001Pneus needed a reliable tool to monitor their SEO performance and be sure that Google was devoting its crawl budget on the right categories and pages.

“Today, along with some of the most important SEO tools, OnCrawl has become a “must have” of everyday life.” shares Pierre, SEO Project Manager.

Using OnCrawl has helped Pierre to:

  • Identify crawl imbalance;
  • Relocate crawl budget on “money pages”;
  • Get a clear overview of the current status of active pages;
  • Monitor the crawl rate per active page;
  • Spot active pages not crawled by Google.

This case study focuses on how OnCrawl can help you monitor Google’s behavior and optimize your crawl budget for e-commerce websites.

Key insights

  • About 1001 Pneus
  • How to manage Google’s bot crawling
  • Using log analysis to monitor Google’s behavior
  • Identifying crawl gaps
  • Understanding the SEO impact
  • Conclusion

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