Managing Googlebot’s crawling

September 25, 2017 - 0  min reading time - by Pierre Bruat
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2nd Tire sales site in France
+26 000 product references
80% less crawl budget waste

Pilot the Google bot crawl

Analyze the behavior of the Googlebot

With over 26,000 product references, 10001 pneus needed a reliable tool to monitor their SEO performance.

By analyzing their logs with Oncrawl, Pierre was able to ensure that the Google crawl budget was dedicated to the right categories and pages.

By blocking the crawl on “useless” pages for SEO and working on the mesh, “crawl time” has been relocated on the most strategic pages.

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    Pierre Bruat
    " Today, along with some of the most important SEO tools, Oncrawl has become a “must have” of everyday life. "
    Pierre Bruat SEO Project Manager @1001pneus

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