Better SEO for classifieds sites with data and granular segmentation

November 3, 2020 - 0  min reading time - by Julien Crenn
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5 markets with visibility gains
divided by 15 average time to earn a first SEO visit
2 new campaigns in coordination with other teams

Refine your SEO strategy based on relevant data

Get the right perspective — for you, and for your coworkers

How can a generalist site compete with the major specialist sites in the various fields of its activity?

Immerse yourself in Julien Crenn’s strategy of using segmentation to make the complexities of a market-leading site understandable.

Follow in his footsteps as he prepares to implement automation tools, cross-analysis, and a stronger focus on data.

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    Julien Crenn
    " Oncrawl’s segmentation is easy to set up and intuitive, and most importantly, it can be set up not only based on URLs but also using any other data, including scraped data. I will soon be able to establish the lifecycle and value of our classified ads using segmentations based on the date of publication. "
    Julien Crenn SEO Manager @leboncoin groupe

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