Driving growth in new markets with on-page SEO

December 15, 2020 - 0  min reading time - by Patricia Seidel
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200% monthly increase in organic traffic
250% increase in visits in just over 30 days
50 keywords ranked successfully

Driving growth in new markets with on-page SEO

On-page SEO as the key to success

With a brand new website to address a new market, a robust content strategy was critical.

Discover how Patricia optimizes her on-page SEO for the new website with Oncrawl. She was able to take the website from 0 to success with technical SEO for her content strategy.

Based on her experience, determine and track the metrics that matter most in your own industry: html tags, word count, page speed, orphan pages…

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    " Oncrawl is easy to use, with lots of descriptions of the data you’re getting, which helps us find the data we’re looking for. It’s also a very quick tool!

    We’ve learned how to do technical SEO through Oncrawl. Oncrawl has become the technical SEO validation for us. It’s basically telling us if our content can do well or not.

    In short, Oncrawl has become our main tool to make sure that our intuitions about SEO are correct. "
    Patricia Seidel Grown Manager @Springly

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