How OMIO uses Oncrawl to improve their website quality and be more efficient

May 17, 2022 - 0  min reading time - by Jack Roberts
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500k pages optimized
28% to 0.7% reduction in orphan pages
2x increase in SEO learning & training activities

Improving website quality and team efficiency

Moving beyond basic technical SEO audits

Omio, a global transport platform, has grown significantly since its inception in 2013.

With over 30 domains & 1.4 million landing pages, implementing basic technical SEO audits was no longer an effective way to stay on top of everything. They needed to redefine their approach to monitoring and auditing.

Omio chose to use Oncrawl to conduct frequent crawler based monitoring to better gauge the quality of their website. Oncrawl in turn helped them to optimize 500k pages.

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    Jack Roberts Omio
    " Oncrawl’s log analyser has doubled my efficiency in terms of detecting relevant log changes. Examples include, checking the crawl rate per page type (set up with custom segments) following a change to our internal linking structure or newly active pages in our structure following the launch of a new travel partner like Comboios Portugal or a market like the United States.
    Jack Roberts Global & Tech SEO

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