How Zurich ensures consistent website quality across multiple site migrations

September 13, 2022 - 0  min reading time - by Daniel Hall
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23% increase in ‘good’ pages (CWV)
12% decrease in LCP
58% reduction in technical SEO issues

Maintaining consistent website quality and optimizing user experience

Log file analysis and crawl over crawl in day-to-day SEO

The Search Marketing team at Zurich Insurance UK manages 10 different websites split across two different platforms that are constantly undergoing site migrations.

The team needed a way to monitor the site’s quality before and after migrations and chose to use Oncrawl’s log file analysis and crawl over crawl feature to help them do so.

Oncrawl has been able to facilitate Zurich’s site monitoring process which helps improve user experience and maintain visibility.

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    Daniel Hall_Zurich
    " Oncrawl’s log analyser and crawl over crawl reports have increased our ability to test and report a ‘before and after’ report on the effects of a website release. Previously data on how search engines were crawling the site in our weblogs was a lot harder to obtain and compare over time. Oncrawl has been invaluable in being able to drill down reports that are segmented to align with business priorities and get very specific details to provide actionable insights. "
    Daniel Hall Search Marketing Manager

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