What’s inside?

Omi Sido, Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe and freelancer, loves talking about everything from crafting leading complex technical strategies to creating innovative content campaigns and exploiting data to drive results. He is standardising and improving online performance across 22 markets, enterprise and 70 partner markets.
In the beginning of 2017, the team of TutorFair.com asked for Omi Sido’ SEO services to help them. Their website was struggling with rankings and organic visits.
Using OnCrawl SEO Crawler and Log Analyzer, he managed to:

  • Detect 149 534 orphan pages;
  • Reveal that 2 732 of them were active pages;
  • Reorganize the whole website structure;
  • Lead the Googlebot to crawl the right pages;
  • Increase sessions by 37%;
  • Increase number of transactions by 22%.

Well, having a crawler and a log analyser in one package is a dream come true for every Technical SEO professional around the globe. Not just that but being able to compare crawl data against Google Analytics (GA) data and then against log data is absolutely unheard of in our industry, shares Omi Sido.

This case study is focusing on how Tutorfair and Omi Sido used OnCrawl to increase their rankings, organic visits and sales using log files analysis.

Key insights

  • About Tutorfair
  • About Omi Sido
  • Improving rankings and organic traffic
  • Understanding crawl budget
  • Focusing on website structure
  • Identifying orphan pages
  • Analyzing impact of depth on SEO visits
  • Reorganizing website architecture
  • Results
  • About OnCrawl

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