Increase crawl budget on strategic pages during a website redesign

August 28, 2018 - 0  min reading time - by Philippe Laine
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1 000 000 SEO visits/month
4.5M URLs that didn't need to be crawled
x2.5 crawl frequency (Googlebot)

Understand Googlebot behavior before redesigning a website

Focus your energy on the right SEO optimizations

Manageo wanted to redesign their website from the ground up without losing visibility in search, and increasing their crawl budget while they were at it.

Philippe coordinated multiple strategies to drive crawling to priority pages, avoid duplicate content, reshape the site structure and the backlink profile, and improve UX.

Log analysis allowed him to pilot the project successfully, focusing on the right type of page at each step of the way.

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    philippe laine
    " The interface of Oncrawl’s tools is remarkably ergonomic and intuitive.
    The most effective changes mostly come from advice given by Oncrawl based on the data raised by their tool. We have renewed with our growth and resisted the numerous passages of Google Phantom. "
    Philippe Laine SEO Expert @Manageo

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