Created in 1999 and a subsidiary of the Altares group, Manageo is the French leader of data activation for enterprise performance. Pioneer of DATACTIVATION, the company aims to turn billions of DATA into business opportunities through its platform.
Most of Manageo’s traffic comes from organic search. This traffic mainly relies on long-tail searches including the legal name of a company, the name of the CEO, the industry or even a geographic location. Thus, the first necessity is to function with millions of keywords at the same time.
Philippe Laine, SEO Expert at Manageo, has the task of increasing the qualified traffic to the website. More specifically, Philippe needs to understand how Google sees his site to drive its energy towards the right SEO optimisations. With millions of indexed pages, the slightest change of internal linking or indexation can have major repercussions. Simultaneously, an important website redesign had been carried out and Manageo wanted to take steps to ensure that the redesign would be rolled out without a loss of visibility.
With the help of crawl and logs analysis data, Philippe Laine successfully managed, beween January 2016 and January 2018, to:

  • Prevent Google from getting lost in the 3.5 million pages which were in fact deindexed, by rebuilding the internal linking,
  • Return to the strict minimum of 301 redirects,
  • Optimise tags and content,
  • Substantially increase the number of useful indexed pages,
  • Reshape page depth,
  • Set up 100% relevant and cleanly structured sitemaps,
  • And much more!

The Case Study

  • About Manageo
  • Understanding Google’s behaviour before a website redesign
  • Carrying out a complete crawl of the website environment
  • Monitoring logs to increase crawl budget
  • Improving the crawl of priority pages
  • About OnCrawl

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