What’s inside?

Over a period of two years, RegionsJob tackled the challenge of improving its ROI by fine-tuning the internal linking structure of its website in order to create an efficient architecture.
This strategy concentrated on SEO actions that supported the website’s goals. Based on KPIs for page profitability, RegionsJob implemented modifications that would create a website with a better user conversion rate. Pages with the greatest value for RegionsJob were promoted in order to make sure they ranked and earned organic visits.
This job offer site operates with important constraints:

  • Part of a network of 30+ websites: a broad and unique structure
  • 70 000 pages of short-lived job offers
  • 33% of the employment section changes every month: a complex architecture

RegionsJob’s SEO strategy is run by Fabien Bougault, Head of SEO. He is in charge of the SEO of the group HelloWork: RegionsJob.com, OuestJob.com, ParisJob.com, maformation.fr, blogdumoderateur.com, Cadreo.com, … In all, he manages a portfolio of over 30 websites in the fields of training and employment.

“We work with Oncrawl on the issues related to the distribution of popularity within the site and to duplicate content on different sites in our network. Employment is a field in which offers are ephemeral, which constantly changes the architecture of our sites. We needed a tool that could adapt to rapid and complex changes. OnCrawl helps me save time, to be certain that the website is headed in the right direction, and that we won’t encounter technical regressions or other problems in production.”

This case study focuses on how RegionsJob and Fabien Bougault used OnCrawl to accompany a long and delicate project to use an internal linking strategy to improve the SEO of pages with the most impact on the ROI of the site.

Key insights

  • About RegionsJob
  • Objective: optimize links to improve the website’s ROI
  • Optimizing existing links
  • Creating a plan, auditing, segmenting
  • Implementing a strategy by iterations
  • Results
  • About OnCrawl

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