Optimizing organic search traffic after a website’s redesign using log files analysis

December 7, 2017 - 0  min reading time - by Bill Hartzer
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+1000 new keywords NBRI ranks for
+31 top 3 keywords gained (3 months)
1300 organic visits per day

Understanding Google’s behavior after a website’s redesign

Directing your energy to the right SEO optimizations

The National Business Research Institute saw a drop in organic search traffic after their site redesign. They contacted SEO consultant Bill Hartzer to perform a full technical SEO audit of their website.

This resulted in a significant increase in organic search traffic.This helped identify orphan pages, optimize internal linking and improve crawl rates on important pages.

NBRI has managed to overcome the drop in its search engine rankings, but it has also
managed to boost its positions by ranking its website for 1,000 new keywords.

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    " Overall, Oncrawl is an extremely useful resource for me when doing technical SEO audits of websites. There are other tools that serve different purposes that I typically use when I do an SEO audit, but for analyzing log files and looking at internal issues with a website, I recommend Oncrawl.
    Bill Hartzer Consultant SEO @Hartzer Consulting

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