What’s inside?

The National Business Research Institute has contacted Bill Hartzer, SEO consultant, to perform a full technical SEO audit of their website. They had redesigned their website and saw a drop in organic search traffic. While the drop in traffic wasn’t dramatic, any drop in natural search engine rankings can be concerning.

Using OnCrawl, they managed to:

  • Optimize the internal linking structure;
  • Improve their load times performance;
  • Increase crawl rate on important pages;
  • Identify orphan pages;
  • Rank the website for 1000 keywords;

This case study is focusing on how NBRI used OnCrawl to optimize their SEO performance following their redesign.

Know more about

  • About the National Business Research Institute
  • About Bill Hartzer
  • Overview
  • Using OnCrawl to gather data
  • NBRI analysis using OnCrawl
    • Crawling activity
    • SEO visits
    • Status codes
    • Page load speed
    • Internal links
  • Results
  • OnCrawl

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