5 KPIs that reveal top strategies for successful ecommerce SEO

February 8, 2022 - 0  min reading time - by Rebecca Berbel
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5 KPIs that reveal top strategies for successful ecommerce SEO

Essential ecommerce metrics to track and measure

Optimizing your ecommerce site can be time consuming. You may have doubts about which KPIs you should track, which ones are the most important to improve your SEO.

The Oncrawl team conducted a study of over 15 different ecommerce sites and more than 20 000 000 pages, using data from SEO crawl analysis and from SEO log file analysis to determine relevant SEO metrics.

With this ebook, you will be able to compare your own results with the averages obtained and make essential decisions for your e-commerce website.

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    They contributed to this ebook

    Rebecca Berbel

    Rebecca is Product Marketing Manager at Oncrawl. Fascinated by NLP and machine models of language in particular, and by systems and how they work in general, Rebecca is never at a loss for technical SEO subjects to get excited about. She believes in evangelizing tech and using data to understand website performance on search engines.

    Jérôme Salomon

    Jérôme Salomon is Senior SEO Strategist at Oncrawl. Passionate about digital marketing, Jérôme specializes in SEO. As SEO Project Manager for a real estate company, he acquires technical SEO expertise but keeps in mind the marketing stakes in this acquisition canal. Curious about new SEO techniques, he joins Oncrawl’s customer success team to put his experience at profit.

    Pauline Pouzou

    Pauline Pouzou is SEO Strategist at Oncrawl. Formerly in charge of acquisition at a pure player, Pauline has a very 360 vision of acquisition levers. She has developed a passion for the technical aspects of SEO and tries to adapt a synergy between all these levers. She decided to join Oncrawl to go further in SEO techniques.

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