Data SEO: The Next Big Adventure

June 21, 2021 - 0  min reading time - by Rebecca Berbel
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Change the way you look at SEO

Data SEO is not only the next big adventure in SEO, but it is also accessible to everyone working in SEO today.

Data SEO is the rising field that brings data science methods of analysis to SEO.

Creative solutions to new problems

Data SEO can help answer complex SEO questions that are necessary to evaluate — and often to implement — both strategies and projects.

Discover the tools and technologies of Data SEO and learn which knowledge and skills do SEOs need to gain to master predictive and automative SEO.

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    We welcomed for this ebook

    Britney Muller

    Founder at Data Sci 10, former Senior SEO Scientist at Moz

    JR Oakes

    Senior Director of Technical SEO Research at Locomotive

    Elias Dabbas

    Online marketing expert, owner of The Media Supermarket

    Vincent Terrasi

    Former Product Director at Oncrawl and Data Science Coach

    Jose Luis Hernando

    Senior Technical SEO Consultant at Builtvisible

    Chris Green

    Head of Marketing Innovation at Footprint Digital

    Lukasz Zelezny

    Director, Co-Owner, SEO Expert and Consultant at SEO.London

    Charly Wargnier

    Python developer, SEO & BI Consultant

    Teodora Petkova

    Content writer, Author, and Founder at Web Scriptorium

    MJ Cachón

    SEO Consultant and Director at

    Jess Peck

    Digital Analytics, Senior Consultant at CVS Health

    Naguib Toihiri

    Global SEO Lead and Head of SEO & Growth MENA at Artefact

    Kristin Tynski

    SVP of Creative and a co-founder at Fractl

    Joseba Ruiz

    BI Analyst and Digital Marketing technologist at

    Greg Bernhardt

    Founder of and, SEO Strategist for Rocket Clicks

    Orit Mutznik

    Head of SEO at SilkFred, soon to be Director of SEO at DataCamp

    Tanguy Moal

    Co-founder and Product Evangelist at Oncrawl

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