What’s inside?

It’s everything you’ve always wanted to share with your clients, your friends, and your marketing teammates. OnCrawl teamed up with experienced SEOs to bring you the ebook Technical SEO for non-technical thinkers: When, why and how technical SEO can help your site.

Technical SEO is one of the growing SEO fields today. It involves finding SEO solutions based on the how and why of how search engines–and websites–work.

Learn what search engines need to find on your site in order to create great search listings, find your pages, judge whether or not your pages are good answers to queries and take a tour of the other types of tasks that you can accomplish with technical SEO. Six talented contributors add their thoughts and experiences in order to show you how technical SEO can make a difference on your site.


  • Introduction
  • Contributors
  • What do search engines need to access to create a search listing?
    • Title tag
    • URL or slug
    • Search listing text
    • Additional rich elements in a search listing
    • Additional elements on a search results page
  • How do search engines find your page?
  • How do search engines evaluate your page?
    • Can Google reach your page?
    • Is your page the right version of the content?
    • Did you give Google any other instructions about your page?
    • Is your site reliable?
    • Is your content authoritative on the web?
    • Is the page important to your website?
  • How do search engines know which search queries to show your page for?
    • Semantic understanding
    • User intent signals
    • Linking structure
    • Search analytics and predictions
  • What some other goals we can accomplish using technical SEO?
  • What are the tools used in technical SEO?
  • OnCrawl: the technical SEO platform

The experts

In alphabetical order, these SEOs have shared their experience and knowledge on technical SEO.

Hamlet Batista – CEO at RankSense
Prior to founding RankSense Inc, Hamlet co-invented Altruik’s Page Priority®, an enterprise-level SEO software product that pioneered automated resolution of site architecture issues. On average, clients experienced a double-digit increase in sales year over year from organic search and a patent was filed for this invention. Hamlet also created the patented software RankSense®, an SEO product focused on simplifying SEO for small businesses, which earned WebHost Magazine’s prestigious Editor’s Choice Award in December 2008.

Additionally, Hamlet is an award-winning blogger and conference speaker and champions of the use of programming and machine learning in SEO.


Dave Davies – CEO at Beanstalk Internet Marketing
Dave has 19 years of SEO experience and an intimate knowledge of search engines, internet marketing, and even a fair bit about web dev and server admin.

He is specialized in SEO, entities, copywriting, stats analysis, and PPC.



Marie Haynes – Owner at Marie Haynes Consulting
Marie’s career in SEO began in 2008. She became a recognized leader in tackling Google’s Penguin algorithm as very few people understood it. She began giving advice on SEO forums, and her knowledge was in high demand. She began analyzing websites and provided feedback for clients based off of the forums she participated in.

With more demand than she could maintain on her own, she hired and trained a team of SEO’s that now comprise Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. She and her team edit a rich monthly SEO newsletter and podcast that has become an industry standard.


Britney Muller – Senior SEO Scientist at Moz, Keynote Speaker, Founder at Pryde Marketing
Britney Muller is a proud Minnesota native with a degree in Strategic Marketing and Public Relations. Britney began her work in multi-platform marketing in 2007 and founded Pryde Marketing in 2012. At Moz, she is currently responsible for optimizing technical SEO, staying up to date on Google algorithm changes.

Britney is interested in machine learning and data science, Python, and snow boarding. She loves getting people excited about big data, Tensorflow, data science, technical SEO and working smarter not harder.


Max Prin – Head of Technical SEO at Merkle
Max Prin is the Head of Technical SEO at Merkle. The SEO technical team ensures the accuracy, feasibility and scalability of the agency’s technical recommendations. Max supports Merkle’s SEO department by developing SEO best practices, tools and processes through research and testing. Max is also in charge of developing and publishing TechnicalSEO.com.

Max focuses exclusively on technical SEO: from fixing crawling, rendering and indexing issues to optimizing page speed and relevance through structured data markup.


Vincent Terrasi – Product Director at OnCrawl, previously Data Marketing Director at OVH
At OVH, Vincent has been involved in Datalake, CRM, Analytics, and Data Science, managing machine learning, business intelligence, and CRM teams working on SEO and big data projects.

A fan of computers and the web since he was little, Vincent studied computer science at a French engineering university. Following 7 years as an entrepreneur working on his own sites, he joined Oxygem in 2014 and quickly concentrated on specializing in machine learning, strengthening his SEO skills. With the acquisition of Oxygem by the Groupe M6, he became SEO Director, managing websites with over 15 million monthly visitors.




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