Technical SEO for non-technical thinkers

October 2, 2019 - 0  min reading time - by Rebecca Berbel
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The Why and How of search engines and websites

This ebook will look at the type of questions technical SEO asks, the sort of answers it aims to provide, and how these drive a website’s SEO performance. Technical SEO is one of the subdomains of SEO that receives increasing attention these days. It’s key to understand when, why and how technical SEO can help your site!

Using Technical SEO as an ally to your site’s performances

Discover what you need to do to provide search engines with everything they need to build exceptional search listings or find your pages, and take a closer look at tasks that can be simplified through technical SEO.

Six talented contributors have added their thoughts and experiences to help show you how technical SEO can make a difference on your site.

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    They contributed to this ebook

    Hamlet Batista

    Hamlet was the founder of RankSense, Inc., and a well-known and respected key-note speaker. He was a champion of the use of programming and machine learning in technical SEO.

    Dave Davies

    Dave has 19 years of SEO experience and deep knowledge of search engines and digital makreting, as well as web developent and server administration.

    Marie Haynes

    Marie is well-known in the field of SEO and has over 10 years of experience helping companies of all sizes improve the quality of their websites.

    Britney Muller

    Britney is currently in charge of technical SEO for Moz. She's interested in machine learning, data science, and Python.

    Max Prin

    Max is head of Technical SEO at Merkle. He's responsible for the accuracy, feasibility, and scalability of the agency's technical recommendations.

    Vincent Terrasi

    At OVH, Vincent managed the machine learning, business intelligence, and CRM teams that worked on SEO and on Big Data projects.

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