The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise SEO

June 30, 2022 - 0  min reading time - by Magalie Rousseaux
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The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise SEO

A comprehensive and collaborative look at large-scale SEO

Optimizing a large website can be challenging. When you have thousands, or even millions of URLs to manage, as well as a lot of invested stakeholders, knowing where to start, what tools to use and what resources you should allocate requires a lot of time and coordination.

In collaboration with 11 SEO experts, the Oncrawl team has written an in-depth guide to enterprise SEO including: what it is, how it differs from traditional SEO and exactly what you need to do to develop and implement an effective enterprise SEO strategy.

Whether you are relatively new to the SEO industry or have a few years of experience, you will walk away with some new knowledge and some insights as to how to develop and evolve your enterprise SEO strategy.

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    They contributed to this ebook

    Ryan Darani

    Ryan Darani is a freelance SEO consultant that has helped build SEO and content marketing strategies for some of the world’s biggest sites. He has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing spanning across multiple-industries. Ryan focuses on building awareness that turns into conversions and developing SEO strategies that offer a competitive edge.

    Julia Dombrowe

    Julia Dombrowe is a Senior SEO Consultant at the international digital agency DEPT®. She specializes in website analysis and supports global and international clients in the development and implementation of their holistic SEO strategy. Her area of expertise includes featured snippets and rich results.

    Dimitris Drakatos

    Formerly at UK fintech unicorn Revolut, since October 2020 Dimitris has been leading all the SEO & ASO work at Peanut app - Apple's Best of 2021. A passionate digital marketer and organic growth lead, Dimitris is one of the co-authors of Mastering in-house SEO 2nd & 3rd edition, a Reforge alumnus, a speaker at several SEO conferences like BrightonSEO & Measurefest, a mentor at GrowthMentor & FemTech Lab and a judge at the Drum Awards for Search.

    Joanna Hengstebeck

    Joanna Hengstebeck is SEO Consulting Lead at the worldwide digital agency DEPT®. She works with renowned national and international clients focussing on strategy, content, and tech SEO. At the same time, she develops the SEO team at DEPT® and shares her knowledge from many years of experience as a consultant both internally and as a speaker at conferences, in webinars, workshops, and articles.

    Trond Lyngbø

    With 20+ years of experience, Trond is an internationally recognized SEO consultant with high technical competence and broad experience in e-commerce and content strategy. He is a senior SEO consultant and owner of Search Planet AS, an SEO consulting company in Oslo, Norway. He is also co-author of the book Google It: Total Information Awareness (2016), and top-ranked columnist at Search Engine Land. Trond serves as an official judge for the European Search Awards, the Global Search Awards and the Global eCommerce Awards.

    Johanna Maier

    Johanna Maier is an SEO Consultant at the international digital agency, DEPT®. She is fascinated with the interdisciplinary nature of search engine optimization and the interplay of technology, creativity and data.

    Katherine Watier Ong

    Katherine Watier Ong is an online marketing trainer, public speaker, and professional SEO consultant. She has over 26 years of experience in communications strategy and online delivery of communications messages, including over 18 years of SEO, social media, SEM, and web analytics management. She is also an accomplished trainer on online marketing strategy and has provided online marketing strategy and training for a number of clients. Katherine is currently the Chief Strategist for WO Strategies, which she founded in 2015.

    Eli Schwartz

    Eli Schwartz is an SEO expert and consultant for leading B2B and B2C companies whose ability to demystify and navigate the SEO has generated billions of dollars for some of the internet's top websites. As head of SurveyMonkey's SEO team, he helped launch the first Asia-Pacific office and grew the company's organic search from 1 percent of revenue to a key driver of global revenue. His new book is Product-Led SEO: The Why Behind Building Your Organic Growth Strategy.

    Adriana Stein

    Originally from the US and now living in Germany, Adriana Stein is the CEO and Founder of the agency, AS Marketing. She leads a team of Digital Marketing Experts who develop holistic online marketing strategies for B2B and B2C companies across Europe and North America. With an SEO-first approach, they help their clients develop efficient go-to market strategies, expand into new markets, and sustainably grow their business.

    Sara Taher

    Based in Canada, Sara Taher is originally from Cairo, Egypt and has been doing SEO since 2014. She has worked with many major international brands and is currently the SEO Manager at PDFTron. She loves SEO and all things UX and CRO. She was a startup founder in the past and graduated from the YC online startup school bootcamp.

    Dan Taylor

    Dan Taylor is a Lead Technical SEO Consultant & Account Director at, an international bespoke SEO agency. He’s an experienced, multi-discipline digital marketing professional, predominantly specializing in SEO (technical and international). Dan has worked with a wide variety of companies, from LSE listed major British brands, to pioneering unicorn tech start-ups in San Francisco. Dan also speaks at SEO and tech conferences internationally, and writes for a number of industry blogs.

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