Evaluate website performance

OnCrawl is giving you all the performance metrics that matter for your SEO because your website’s rankings can be altered by your payload in terms of weight and of course loading time.

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Why focusing on website performance?

Your payload does matter for your users as well as the bots visiting your website.

How loading time is influencing your SEO

All SEOs know a website should load quickly. But the main thing is to determine how it may impact your page’s rankings. That is why OnCrawl has built not only dedicated crawl reports but combined analysis to give you an accurate view of what are your performance pain points.

  • Compare weight and loading time per page, per depth or groups
  • Know where to put your efforts: caching systems or integration optimisations

Performance plays a big role in your crawl ratio

Depending on your topic or website size, loading time can have a direct influence on your crawl budget. OnCrawl helps you determine the threshold of what is a “good” loading time for your website.

  • Get insights about payload and crawl ratio
  • Understand the impact of your loading time against user’s behaviour
  • Monitor your active page time to first byte.

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