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Data SEO: how to leverage the power of technical SEO with data science

Oncrawl x BrightonSEO Spring

🇺🇸 Online conference March 25, 2021 - 12:00 GMT+2

Join us for Brighton SEO Spring 2021 on March 25th at 12pm GMT for an exciting webinar about Data SEO and How to leverage the power of technical SEO with data science! Register today and save your seat for a deep dive in the future of SEO!

What to expect

Oncrawl is so pleased to be part of the 2021 BrightonSEO lineup! To mark the occasion, we’ll give you an exclusive and unique webinar!

If you’ve ever wondered how to leverage the power of technical SEO with data science, you don’t want to miss Tanguy’s webinar! Content depth, semantic coverage, and additional topical signals provided by titles and meta descriptions are proven elements that affect how well Google understands subject matter covered on a website.

This impacts not only page rankings for a given query, but also related queries and intents, as well as website authority. We use Oncrawl to find thin content, pages with missing or duplicated titles and/or meta descriptions at scale. Once areas that need improvement have been identified, GPT-3 with OpenAI provides a powerful solution to automate corrections through the generation of titles and descriptions from existing full-text pages, collected from crawl data in Oncrawl. Mixing these technologies makes it possible to scale the full process through automation in order to handle very large websites

In this conference, we’ll provide a full, scalable solution to content issues affecting SEO, in a convenient and automated way.


Tanguy Moal

Product Evangelist @Oncrawl