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Understand the European decisions impacting Google Analytics and escape the trap of unreliable analytics data

Oncrawl x Didomi

🇺🇸 Webinar February 24, 2022 - 4:00 GMT+2

Oncrawl and Didomi joined forces to offer an exclusive webinar in English on February 24th, 2022 at 4 pm GMT+2.

What to expect?

In February 2022, both the French and Austrian Data Protection Authorities declared Google Analytics illegal in France and Austria. These countries have decided that Google Analytics is not GDPR compliant because they can’t guarantee that European personal data aren’t accessible by US intelligence services. This groundbreaking decision has impacted millions of websites currently relying on Google Analytics to track their website performance.

Today, with the emergence of a cookieless web and the rise of data privacy laws around the world, data from analytics solutions such as Google Analytics are often incomplete or difficult to rely on. But if you work in digital marketing or SEO, analytics data on your website’s traffic is essential to understand the impact and establish the ROI of your actions.

In such a context, don’t fly blind! Join us to discover the alternatives and best practices for analytics.

You’ll learn:
– Why analytics data is so important
– What are the risks to analytics from privacy laws
– How to confirm the validity of the analytics data at your disposal
– What are some alternatives to classic analytics solutions, and how to implement them

Join us!


Jérôme Salomon

Senior SEO Strategist @Oncrawl

Clément Hochedez

Senior SEO Manager @Didomi

Thomas Adhumeau

CPO @Didomi