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Data & SEO : the winning duo for your e-commerce content strategy

How to use data and SEO for e-commerce

🇫🇷 Webinar January 28, 2021 - 4:00 GMT+2

SEMJI partners with Oncrawl on January 28th, 2021 for an exceptional webinar about data and SEO.

What to expect?

Content over-optimization techniques are now outdated and ineffective. The best e-commerce success stories now consist in relying on SEO data to prioritize actions, analyze search intentions and produce relevant content for each type of page: product category, product sheet, editorial content, etc.

However, the volume of pages on an e-commerce site makes this analysis impossible if done manually. Therefore, how to automate the analysis of the SEO data? What are the KPIs to take into account? How does this analysis allow you to optimize your return on investment? What are the best practices in terms of content for an e-commerce site?

Discover on Thursday, January 28th at 5:00 pm (CET)/11:00 am (EST) during our webinar with Adeline Lecellier, SEO Strategist at Oncrawl, and Nicolas Nguyen, SEO expert and co-founder of Semji, why and how to exploit the gold mine of SEO data to boost the growth of your e-commerce site.

On the agenda:

  • Overview of SEO practices for e-commerce with a particular focus on different types of pages
  • Tools to use and quick wins to implement to improve your online revenue.


Adeline Lecellier

SEO Strategist @Oncrawl

Nicolas Nguyen

SEO Expert and co-founder @Semji