Go the extra mile to BrightonSEO with Oncrawl!

Going the Extra Mile for SEO

Oncrawl’s going the extra mile for SEO by bicycling up to Brighton from Paris, in time for BrightonSEO on April 7, 2022. We’re committed to SEO – and to a touch of the extraordinary in everything we do.

At Oncrawl, we’re a regular participant – and sponsor – at BrightonSEO, but we wanted the event to be even more unforgettable. This year, we’re testing the water: we’re sending Rebecca Berbel on her bike. Oncrawl coworkers, ambassadors, customers and friends will join her for a few dozen kilometers along the way.

With the support of BrightonSEO, we want to prove exactly how far you can go with SEO.

Discover the route

What better way to underline Oncrawl’s French identity than to pick the oh-so-French capital as a starting point?

From Paris, Rebecca will ride 200km north to Dieppe on Tuesday, passing through the villages scattered on the border between Normandy and Picardy in order to reach the coast. On Wednesday morning, after a Channel ferry crossing to Newhaven, she’ll arrive in Brighton before noon.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is in charge of product marketing at Oncrawl, a technical and data SEO platform. She has a background of years of experience in user documentation, project management for IT developments, translation, content strategy, and, increasingly, technical SEO. She is enthusiastic about language usage, marketing, and almost anything technical.

Rebecca will be speaking at BrightonSEO on Friday, April 8. Join her and Koray Tuğberk Gübür for The Secret Life of Queries: Parsing, Rewriting, and SEO.

If you want to talk to Rebecca about NLP, bicycles, or SEO, she’ll often be found at the Oncrawl booth on both Thursday and Friday.

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