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Going the Extra Mile for SEO

For the spring 2022 edition of BrightonSEO, Oncrawl – a long-time participant at BrightonSEO – decided to go the ‘Extra Mile for SEO’: we cycled from Paris to Brighton, and it was so much fun that we’ve been repeating the experience for each BrightonSEO since then!

On September 11th, Oncrawl’s going the Extra Mile for SEO by bicycling to Brighton, in time for BrightonSEO. We’re committed to SEO – and to a touch of the extraordinary in everything we do.

This time, we’re sending Julien Deneuville, SEO Consultant and Oncrawl Ambassador, on his bike from Beauvais, France to Brighton, UK.

With the support of BrightonSEO, we want to prove exactly how far you can go with SEO.

Discover the route

The September 2023 route will take us from Beauvais near Paris, across northern France, and to Dieppe, in order to reach the coast.

After a Channel ferry crossing to Newhaven, we’ll cycle down the road to Brighton on Tuesday evening.

Meet Julien

Julien is an independent SEO expert from France, with more than 12 years of experience on technical SEO issues, large websites and data analysis. Speaker, trainer and event organizer, he’s been an Oncrawl ambassador since 2020.

He’ll be speaking at BrightonSEO on Friday morning on “How to handle internal linking on large scale websites.” This will be his fourth time cycling to Brighton as part of Extra Mile for SEO.

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