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February 23, 2022 - 3  min reading time - by François Goube
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The innovative technology of the Bordeaux-based company has been taken under the wing of the world leader in marketing and search engine optimization platforms.

Bordeaux, February 23, 2022 – The Silicon Valley giant BrightEdge (500 employees) has just announced that it has bought out the investors of the Bordeaux-based company that publishes Oncrawl, a technological solution and data pioneer in the world of SEO. The collaboration of Oncrawl and BrightEdge produces the world’s leading SEO data platform, offering the most data to marketers and the largest financial and customer base in the market.

“BrightEdge’s interest in Oncrawl and support of our wish to remain an independent company confirm the strength of French startups on the international stage. We are proud to be able to validate the efforts and support of our French investors who have been with us since the beginning,” said François Goube, founder and CEO of Oncrawl.

France, along with the UK, is one of the two most important innovation centers in Europe. In 2021, the dynamic French ecosystem had generated 12 new unicorns and more than €18 billion in fundraising. In the Bordeaux region, French Tech unites more than 1,000 startups and companies, including about 30 that are expanding internationally.

It is in this context that Oncrawl was founded in 2013, from a consortium with the largest French e-commerce site. Today, the Bordeaux-based startup has nearly 50 employees and more than 1,000 customers worldwide, including well-known brands such as Vistaprint, Canon, and Forbes. Oncrawl stands out in the marketing solutions ecosystem thanks to its technological excellence: designed from the start to run Big Data algorithms and to be able to blend and analyze website data from any source, Oncrawl is the first among its competitors to open the door to machine learning integrations and data science processes.

“Data is the future of SEO. The amount of data that an SEO has to handle and understand on a daily basis has grown astronomically. But also, you have to make this data make sense: today’s SEOs are reporting directly to their management, their clients’ strategic decision makers… SEO specialists need to have the tools and knowledge to become analysts and data scientists. That’s our goal,” says François Goube.

This focus on “data SEO” attracted the interest of the Silicon Valley giant, which was looking to expand its product offering for large companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, 3M, Adobe, Microsoft, Marriott, and Audi, for whom SEO data is becoming a business lever. These companies are now facing major challenges around data: governance, processing, security, and compatibility.

“When we first learned about Oncrawl, we knew right away that they were a visionary team with a set of cutting-edge technologies that would fit well with our vision for innovation and growth,” said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge.

Together, BrightEdge and Oncrawl are taking action to secure the future of SEO through investment in innovation. The core algorithms used by search engines are updated more than 4,500 times a year, and integrate advances in machine learning and natural language processing. Faced with this, SEO marketers need innovations in these same areas: prediction, data classification, automatic text generation and computational efficiency. These are the areas where Oncrawl is currently investing in research and development, with already interesting results.

The support provided by BrightEdge, who have confirmed their intention to prioritize the preservation of the development of the Bordeaux-based brand, opens the door to even stronger growth, particularly for the international deployment of Oncrawl. This union offers customers of both brands a world of unbeatable products: reliable SEO data, unmatched technical capabilities, and deployment flexibility for large enterprises.

About Oncrawl

Oncrawl is an SEO data platform built around an industry-leading crawler and log analyzer. The solution helps more than 1,000 customers in 66 countries improve their organic traffic, rankings and revenue by opening Google’s black box. Its customers include Rakuten, Canon,, L’Oréal and other major companies.

Driven by a strong technical mindset, Oncrawl gives search marketers easy access to the data they need by providing the tools, analytics, and reports required for the entire SEO process. The company has become the leading SaaS provider of SEO data.

In 2021, Oncrawl became the most awarded SEO platform with multiple awards at the US, UK, EU, MENA, Global, Canadian and Mena Search Awards.

Oncrawl is created by Cogniteev SaS, headquartered in Mérignac, France. To learn more about Oncrawl, visit

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