Oncrawl injects Data Science into its SEO platform to help companies predict their online performance

June 9, 2020 - 3  min reading time - by Julie Quintard
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Montreal – 2020, April 21st – Oncrawl just released a new platform called Oncrawl Labs entirely based on Data Science and Machine Learning. Its goal is to allow companies to predict their online performance with robust data and gain a competitive advantage.

The rise of data science in the SEO industry

Machine learning algorithms are part of the AI technologies and consist of autonomous systems, meaning that they are able to learn, reproduce and make adjustments without any assistance from another program or a human.

This technology is already part of our everyday search life, although most of us aren’t even aware of it. Let’s take the example of RankBrain, a machine learning algorithm which belongs to Google and has been in use since 2015. The search engine uses it to provide more relevant content to its users. This means that the algorithm is capable of understanding what we are looking for when we type a query and to suggest the best results found across the web.

According to Vincent Terrasi, Product Director at Oncrawl and data science coach, machine learning will become a major technology for companies all over the world in the upcoming years:

“Ignoring this fast-growing technology would be a big mistake for online businesses. Machine Learning has a lot to offer when it comes to improving customer experience and in the field of performance prediction.”

Machine Learning: a real game changer for online businesses

Beyond search results, machine learning algorithms also directly impact companies because they can provide capital information with unequaled accuracy. The figures prove a real interest in this technology: International Data Corporation forecasts that spending on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will grow from $12B in 2017 to $57,6B by 2021.

“Using a Machine Learning model allows you to find the important variables that impact your website and to efficiently predict your most important KPIs such as visits, clicks or revenues.”
Vincent Terrasi

Overall, using Machine Learning can be a strong asset in three important fields for online businesses such as ecommerce players or online media:

  • Prediction: with Machine Learning, website owners can strongly predict the ROI of their SEO actions and the most important KPIs to track. This can be a big help to convince the C-Suite of the value of marketing actions.
  • Creation: Machine Learning can automatically produce qualitative content such as texts for a webpage’s search listing or even a customized product recommendation for an ecommerce website.
  • User journey: Machine Learning provides several solutions to support the customer journey on websites, from chatbots for support to optimized pricing which is updated in real time.

Oncrawl Labs: the first ever SEO solution providing state-of-the art machine learning algorithms

Relying on Google Colab and using the languages Python and R, Oncrawl Labs offers a portfolio of machine learning algorithms to address strategic SEO issues and offer features not yet available on the SEO market. The 2019 Best Search Software Tool at the US Search Awards has released a brand new platform to help search marketers improve their search marketing performance using machine learning and data science.

Oncrawl Labs currently has five R&D projects available:

  • Real-time indexing: Index your new and top-priority URLs in real time by submitting them using the Bing API.
  • Text Generation: Test Transformers with your own data and generate new qualitative texts.
  • Anomaly Report: Use unsupervised methods to detect under- and over-performance on any SEO metric tracked with Oncrawl.
  • SEO prediction: Predict hits from SEO channels or SEO trends using Facebook’s prophet algorithm. (To be released this summer)
  • Internal Linking Generator: access insights for internal linking improvements and generate lists of candidates for addition / deletion of links. (To be released this summer)

“These new R&D Projects provide an exciting opportunity for us to get further ahead. Whether you need a quicker/easier method to predict traffic from Search Engines, generate better internal linking recommendations or detect issues on your site in a smart, stream-lined process, Oncrawl Labs gives us all a glimpse of what we all should be aiming for with the future of SEO. “
Chris Green, Head of Marketing Innovation @FootPrintDigital


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