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November 28, 2017 - 2  min reading time - by Julie Quintard
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November 27th, 2017 – Oncrawl SEO solution’s 3.0 new version focuses on data set crossovers. Zoom in on what’s new.

Dashboards dedicated to data crossovers

Oncrawl is a SEO crawler that analyze all the pages of a website in order to identify its code and content. The solution offers both data visualizations and data export concerning favourable or unfavourable parameters related to your SEO: analysis of meta or Hn tags, duplicated or similar content, loading time, architecture of internal links, structured data…
But it is also a log analyzer that allows to understand how Google and search engines behave on any page of a website, to check crawl errors and crawl rate of each robot for any group of pages, etc.
Today, Oncrawl becomes an open Data Platform and allows to ingest any datasets (positions in search engines, log files, backlinks, analytics, csv files, json…) and to cross-reference them with crawl reports. The user can thus determine the impact of a set of data on his SEO performance.

Enhanced user experience

“Oncrawl has been working on added tons of features over the last two years but the UX was becoming messy. With the support of some of the most experienced Oncrawl users, the solution has unleashed a new UX to help SEOs tackle their SEO issues”, shares François Goube, CEO at Oncrawl.

The method applied is always the same to analyse any ranking factor:

  • Check the state of the website for a particular factor (for instance the number of words on pages);
  • Understand how this ranking factor impacts the traffic on pages (Active ratio);
  • Learn how it influences the ability of pages to get crawled (Crawl ratio);
  • Digg into the crawl frequency to understand how much influence this ranking factor has on bots behavior.


Over 450 metrics and new features to answer SEO challenges

Oncrawl has added more than 100 metrics to its reports and built new dashboards. Dedicated reports are now available for all the rel=“alternate” tags (Pagination, HrefLang, Canonicals…), specific reports for Sitemap.xml, comprehensive reports for everything related to indexability.

Log files analysis for everybody

Log files analysis was perceived as technical, complicated and difficult to access. Oncrawl has taken a new step forward by democratizing this type of analysis and allowing users to easily and quickly import their log files in a few clicks.

Prediction of internal linking optimisation

Oncrawl was the very first to release a score to help analyze internal popularity with the Inrank. The solution has decided to go a step further, because having accurate data is great, but having actionable data visualisation is better. With Oncrawl 3.0 has came up the InRank flow:
link flow
Based on a website’s segments, this data visualisation is helping to understand how popularity flows within a website and across different groups of pages. The user can even try to unselect some groups to predict how he could optimize his internal linking structure.
For more information: https://www.oncrawl.com/
Get in touch: Emma Labrador – marketing@cogniteev.com
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