Pi Datametrics Becomes an Oncrawl Partner to Unlock a New World of Data

August 23, 2021 - 1  min reading time - by Magalie Rousseaux
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We are pleased to announce our partnership with Pi Datametrics!

Who is Pi Datametrics?

Pi Datametrics is the only search intelligence tool on the market that gives you full visibility of your performance within the context of your sector. The Market Intelligence tool allows you to discover where the key areas of opportunity are for you to gain the highest ROI with your content, and who the top players performing in your space are. Pi is renowned for its ‘Conflict Detector’ feature which allows you to identify barriers to success in an instant by reporting on multiple URLs performing for the same keyword. Pi is used by top-performing global brands in the organic search space including Tesco, Vodafone, Harrods, and The Telegraph.

Image source: SERP Radar, Pi Datametrics

Why the partnership?

Pi Datametrics and Oncrawl are excited to announce their partnership. Having been continuously impressed with each other’s data and outputs, we saw an immediate opportunity to work together to bring additional value to our customers. Pi offers top-level insight into performance, whilst Oncrawl can bring more granular detail related to technical SEO, and the two outputs together are incredibly powerful.

Ways to use Pi data in Business Intelligence platforms

As well as working within the Pi platform, Pi Sync enables users to automatically sync their Pi data to their own data warehouse, meaning you’ll be able to connect your search data to any business intelligence platform on the planet.
Pi Sync makes your search data available in all Business Intelligence platforms including Domo, Tableau, Power Bi, Google Data Studio, and many more…
You can feed essential search data into any database to enhance reporting and forecasting.

Image source: Pi position explorer chart

We offer all Pi customers 10% on the Oncrawl annual plans, and Oncrawl customers will get a 10% discount with Pi Datametrics as well. Just get in touch with us if you’d like to enjoy this offer!

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