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December 4, 2015 - 2  min reading time - by François Goube
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Today, we are glad to announce the Data Explorer is now available on all plans. After our previous major update about near Duplicate Content detection, the Data Explorer is another major step in bringing you the best of big data handling to the SEO community.

What is the SEO Data Explorer?

As we fetch and parse your pages when you launch a crawl, we are indexing all your code and content. So we have tons of data available. With our Data Explorer, you can build a query of your own with no limitation at all.
A new tab has just appeared in the left menu of Oncrawl:
 Data Explorer SEO
And all the drill down to your data from the graphs is also based on the Data Explorer

Stop build crazy formulas in your spreadsheet to get SEO insights.

You can zoom in any piece of data and build the data table you want pivoting any of the params we grab through the crawl. Our goal was to help you avoid excel-ache (aka excel headache). So don’t loose time building a new exotic combination of IF() / CONCATENATE(), TRIM(), LEN(), FIND() or REPLACE() formulas to retrieve the data you need. Think the Data Explorer as a query builder. Find quickly the particular piece of SEO data you need, and only download as CSV the data to manipulate it if you have to. Stop feeling the pain of writing hazardous RegEx, we have selectors and helpers builtin.

For any data table you have you can add columns to get more SEO insights:

Export Data

Quick filters for the most common SEO checking

The Data Explorer offers some ‘quick filters’. They are built to ease your life. My favorite is obviously the one helping you spot the URLs linking to 404 or other error pages.
I also like to use the ‘Too Slow Pages’ quick filter which will show you the pages with the highest loading time.

Search operators

For any piece of data you can build a query using operators AND / OR and a condition
Data Explorer query
And for any string you can use:
  • Equals to or Not
  • Starts with orNot
  • Ends with or Not
  • Contains or Not

Clicking on ‘Apply Filter’ will let you get the results you needed.


And to help you get more actionnable data you can add or delete any column to enrich your dataset. Any result of the Data Explorer can by exported to CSV. You can use these data through our secure API on custom plans.

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