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November 28, 2017 - 3  min reading time - by François Goube
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Today is a big day for the @Oncrawl team who has worked very hard over the last few months. Thanks to a hundred users who accessed our beta for months, Oncrawl 3.0 is now available for everyone.

Log Files Analysis for everybody

Our mission has always been to democratize Technical SEO tools. Regarding Log Files Analysis, we needed to make it easier for our users to access such a feature. That’s why we have integrated Log files analysis to new plans. You can now signup to Oncrawl and add your logs on top of your Crawl Data with just a few clicks.

New UX for better SEO Analysis

As we added tons of features over the last two years, our UX was becoming messy. With the support of some of the most hardcore Oncrawl users, we built a new UX to help you tackle your SEO issues. The method we applied is always the same to analyse any ranking factor:

  • Check the state of your website for a particular factor (for instance the number of words on your pages);
  • Understand how this ranking factor impacts the traffic on your pages (Active ratio);
  • Learn how it influences the ability of your pages to get crawled (Crawl ratio);
  • Digg into the crawl frequency to understand how much influence this ranking factor has on bots behavior.


Over 450 Metrics and new dashboards

We have added more than 100 metrics to our reports and built new dashboards. Dedicated reports are now available for all your rel=“alternate” tags (Pagination, Hreflang, Canonicals…), specific reports for your Sitemap.xml, comprehensive reports for everything related to indexability.

indexability dashboard

Go beyond the InRank and Predict your Internal Links optimization

We were the very first to release a score to help you analyze your internal popularity when we came up with the Inrank. We decided to go a step further, because having accurate data is great, but having actionable data visualisation is better. With Oncrawl 3.0, we are very proud to present the InRank flow:


Based on your segments, this data visualisation is helping you to understand how popularity flows within your website and across your different groups of pages. You can even try to unselect some groups to predict how you could optimize your Internal Linking Structure if you put some no-index or if you delete some of your pages.

New Data Explorer

Our Data Explorer is still our most powerful tool, but we pushed very hard to make it even better. You can now build particular queries for any dataset:

  • All the metrics about the ranking factors from any pages or groups of pages
  • All metrics or variation from your crawl comparisons datasets
  • All data from your Logs or Analytics


You can also save unlimited custom queries and access your data from our APIs.

Viz Explorer

When you are working as an SEO, you have to deal with many different factors. Context differs from one website to another, so you need to check your Oncrawl Data very quickly without having to drill down to all of our specific reports. That’s why we built the Viz Explorer. This new tool helps you access in one single click any piece of data from Oncrawl.


Oncrawl is becoming an open Data Platform

You can now plug any datasource into Oncrawl to get more advanced reports. You can use our builtin connectors to add Majestic, AT Internet, Google Analytics, GSC (…) but you can also add any other datasource thanks to our APIs. Feel free to contact us for more information to add some custom sources.

Don’t have an Oncrawl account? We have a special offer for you.
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