OnCrawl SEO Crawler

SEO crawler for enterprise audits and daily monitoring.

Increase your organic traffic and site revenues with reliable data.

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Analyze your website like Google does

Understand how Google sees your website on all devices, gain insights on how to optimize your SEO and ensure all your Javascript elements are actually rendered by search engines.

Direct search engine bots to your strategic pages

Improve content, HTML quality, performance and architecture so that your money pages can be crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines.

Boost conversions and revenues with accurate data

Rely on the right assets and data to master your technical SEO and optimize pages that drive revenues.

What makes OnCrawl SEO Crawler unique?

  • Unrivalled volume capacity

OnCrawl SEO crawler has been built with the input of the biggest e-commerce player in Europe. We work with websites with over 70M URLs which means that there is no crawl we can’t handle.

  • Unique innovations

OnCrawl is the first to offer a near duplicate content detector that calculates a similarity ratio between pages using the Simhash algorithm. We have also achieved the next generation of internal PageRank.

  • Javascript rendering

OnCrawl SEO crawler enables websites with Javascript to be crawled and executed in the same way as search engines do.

  • Powerful segmentation

OnCrawl is the only technical SEO platform to offer segmentations based on any dataset. Take your SEO audits one step further by mapping your URLs into strategic groups and segments.

  • Advanced crawl settings

OnCrawl handles any advanced requirements, from lists of URLs, virtual robots.txt, DNS override, staging websites, subdomains or even URLs with parameters.

  • Detailed crawl comparison

OnCrawl lets you choose two crawls to compare. Extensive comparison metrics allow you to track changes over time and measure the exact effect of new policies on your site.

  • Open-ended data extension

Scrape data during crawls to explore the associations with information like publishing dates, product pricing and AMP implementation – or ingest CSV files from your CRM, analytics, monitoring solution or any other data that matter for your business objectives.

How to use OnCrawl SEO Crawler for strategic SEO optimisations


Focus on content quality

Run a data-driven audit to monitor your copywriting efforts.

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Monitor website performance

Understand how your payload impacts your SEO.

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Detect near duplicates

Filter your near duplicates by similarity ratio and know where to act.

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Improve architecture

Get an accurate view of your internal linking and how popularity spreads.

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Our customers use OnCrawl to skyrocket their SEO performance

Delivering quantifiable results

Since the integration of corrective actions and site redesign, the average traffic generated by search engines has increased by 86% in 8 months and now represents 1.6 million visits per month. OnCrawl has allowed me to see our site just like Google does, and if you want to understand what Google wants, this is indispensable.

Julien Ferras

Julien Ferras SEO Project Manager at Lagardère Active

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All features included – No credit card needed