SEOs for Education

An OnCrawl campaign in partnership with Plan International.

How we raised €10000 for charity in 2 months

On October, 28th we launched our very first charity campaign in partnership with Plan International to raise awareness on children’s education and rights around the world.

3 offers, 3 charity boxes

We offered for sale 3 charity boxes including goodies and OnCrawl subscriptions in order to collect as many donations as possible AND we returned 100% of all profits to Plan International.

2 months later, here is the result!

We raised nearly €3,000 through our charity campaign and OnCrawl gave an additional €7,000 to Plan International. 40 charity boxes were sold around the world.

Our campaign has been shared by dozens of SEOs around the world including Aleyda Solis, Barry Schwartz, Rob May…and many of them actively participated in the campaign.

The money raised has been donated to Plan International and will contribute to improve children’s rights in underdeveloped countries.

Our donors come from diverse countries

They talked about #SEOsforEducation