Make your clients ask for your agency's SEO offer

Show real results from SEO, while reducing overhead for time and effort.

Compare the before and after with design changes and migrations

  • Compare two crawls, even if the site has been migrated or if it’s gone live between the two analyses
  • Identify changes and errors
  • Ensure that redirects are working properly by checking for broken links and redirect chains

Adapt audits to individual client sites

  • Adapt crawler settings to fit the websites you need to crawl: authorize the crawler IP, activate JavaScript, limit the scope of the crawl to a subdomain or a folder, adjust the rules followed by the crawler and the type of link it follows…
  • Use custom dashboards to focus only on pertinent metrics
  • Save and reuse segmentations that best reflect the structure and purpose of the different sites you manage

Easily export, share, and create reports

  • Share analysis results with anyone
  • Export any graphic or table
  • Create Data Studio reports that update automatically when new crawl data is available

Save time by scaling across a portfolio of websites

  • Build processes and connections that work for you
  • Schedule regular crawls and receive email alerts to keep you up to date on changes
  • Reuse customizable elements from one project to another

How can a technical SEO platform help your SEO agency?

What do you need to improve your agency's SEO offer?

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Oncrawl SEO Crawler

Rely on a world-class crawler and reusable settings, from segmentation to dashboarding to scrawl scheduling, in order to create as many projects as you need for the websites you manage.

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Oncrawl Data³

Integrate additional data to include your key indicators in crawl data, whether performance data from Analytics solutions or Google Search Console, extra information from your databases, or information on external backlinks.

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Oncrawl BI

Connect your crawl data to outside data visualization tools, including Google Data Studio, to make reporting easy to scale and adapt across websites.

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" Having clients with large International websites exceeding 80,000 pages can be tricky to handle, so it was essential for us to find a way to do our daily SEO tasks at scale and establish a process to run everything smoothly.
Oncrawl and their tech team have been so helpful and responsive beyond our expectations, providing demos and training for us, helping us find solutions to our SEO problems and supporting us with any doubts and inquiries we have 24/7.
It's definitely what we needed to take our SEO game to the next level! "
Latifa Abdelghany SEO Account Executive at Artefact

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