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Monitor Googlebot and other search engine bots

Better understand crawl and indexing issues and offer the right technical signals to search engines.

1+ billion log lines processed / day
100+ analyzable data points drawn from log data

Can log monitoring make a difference for my site?

Logs are the only way to get detailed and complete information about Googlebot behavior. Consequently, almost all websites can benefit from seeing what pages are known (or unknown!) to search engines. Additionally, monitoring crawl frequency also indicates the importance given to a page and how fast it will be updated.

However, for very large sites and websites with frequent content changes such as online media, Googlebot monitoring is essential. These sites are much more sensitive to issues with crawl budget and rely on getting new pages indexed as quickly as possible. For these sites, knowing their crawl rate for different page types is essential to spotting and solving search visibility issues with a technical cause.

Why use Oncrawl to gain a better understanding of Googlebot behavior on your site?

Oncrawl gives you a detailed view of the entire history of Googlebot on your site, from when you first started log monitoring to today, no matter how many years have passed. Whether you need to view Googlebot behavior alone, or whether you want to include other search engine bots for news, images, videos, or even ads; whether you want to see general trends over the past few months, or whether you need to monitor the response to a migration in real time; whether you just want to look at log data on its own, or whether you want to blend log monitoring data with crawl data and data from other sources determine the impact of your actions on bots crawl and visits — Oncrawl has got you covered.

What do you need to monitor Googlebot’s behavior?

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Technical SEO Log Analyzer

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Julien Deneuville Founder and Technical SEO at Databulle

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