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Handle Big Data volumes for SEO

Address digital marketing issues through data science in a way appropriate to large volumes of data

400 000 000 pages crawled monthly
300 000 000+ URLs in crawled websites
500 000 000 bot hits and organic visits processed in log files per day

Does your company need solutions for Big Data in SEO?

If your company manages large websites, or large volumes of SEO-related data, Big Data solutions are a must. They’re also highly recommended if your company includes a data analyst or a data science department that already works with large volumes of data: by ensuring compatibility with SEO data, you’re taking the first step to make sure that your SEO data can be used correctly in strategic analyses and decision-making.

What makes Oncrawl a reference for Big Data in SEO?

Oncrawl’s Big Data orientation is built into its DNA. Developed specifically for use with the biggest national e-commerce websites, Oncrawl has used Big Data algorithms from the start; the platform was developed from the first with processes and architecture scaled for Big Data, and has grown with particular attention to compatibility with your Big Data technological stack.

What do you need to be able to manage Big Data volumes in a digital marketing context?

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Technical SEO Crawler

Crawl massive websites with or without JavaScript, and integrate extensive URL-related data.

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Technical SEO API

Discover a robust, broad-reaching API for all your crawl and website performance data.

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" Perfectly suited for precise processing of very large volumes of data. Both rich in advanced SEO features (Inrank analysis, JS rendering crawl, cross-referencing of external URLs/data segmentations) and very fast on large volumes of pages. Oncrawl is like an SEO wizard that answers all the questions! A perfect tool to roll out an SEO data-driven strategy. "
Erlé Alberton Head of SEO at Reezocar

Companies like yours use Oncrawl when working with Big Data in SEO