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Integrate SEO and website data into BI

Use SEO and marketing data to output actions to develop traffic, awareness and sales.

4 API datasets
1000+ fields accessible by API
3 non-proprietary export formats
100% URL-related data accessible via API

Is your company ready to bring website data into your business analysis?

If your company already uses a BI solution to track, visualize, and report on business performance, adding website data and performance analysis is a great way to include the digital face of your brand or product in strategic decision-making.

On the other hand, if as an SEO you find yourself using large business-related datasets from different departments, bringing this data together with your SEO data in a BI tool can be a solution for your marketing department, even if your company as a whole isn’t there yet.

Why use Oncrawl to integrate with BI solutions?

Oncrawl’s direct compatibility with the most common BI solutions allows you to recognize the strategic capabilities of SEO and search performance. By connecting to BI solutions and data visualization software, you not only improve your reporting and dashboards for SEO, but also show how SEO and data from other departments interact.

What do you need to add SEO data to Business Intelligence?

SEO Crawler picto

Technical SEO Crawler

Crawl your website to discover all of the technical SEO elements and analyze their influence on your website’s SEO performance.

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Technical SEO API

Build your own dashboards, connect to other tools in a workflow, or integrate raw data from Oncrawl into BI analyses.

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" As a team lead focusing on the growth of our multinational platforms, regular reporting/monitoring and automated risk management of Product changes' effect on our organic search performance is very significant and challenging. Oncrawl is becoming an essential part of my team day by day with its capability and accuracy.
Murat Yatağan VP Growth at Brainly

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