Focus on crawlability and indexing

OnCrawl helps you understand how search engines crawl your website. Crawlability insights are crucial to get your website properly indexed.

Why focus on crawlability and indexing?

Your strategic content needs to be crawled and indexed by search engines to drive organic traffic.

Take a look at what Google sees

Get an accurate view of what pages Google frequently hits. Know which zones of your website are considered valuable for Google. Examine your site with Google’s eyes.

  • Spot newly crawled pages
  • Evaluate Google’s crawl budget
  • Learn how your redirects and errors may hurt your crawlability

Be sure top priority pages are treated well by Google

Are all your pages reachable? Are your main pages well optimised to assure the best rankings? OnCrawl gives you a clear picture of how bots treat each part of your website.

  • Understand how your architecture distributes your content
  • Optimize your internal popularity and page depth
  • Get all the ideal technical SEO metrics to promote your main pages

Determine the most influential factor for your crawl ratio

All websites are not born equal. Depending on the size of your website and its topic, Google won’t behave the same way. That is why OnCrawl aims to determine which ranking factors are the most likely to influence your crawlability. And best of all, we show you the thresholds for each factor.

  • Learn what makes a page active and what gets it crawled
  • Build your SEO roadmap with confidence
  • Refine your index / no-index strategy
  • Get smarter at managing your canonicals

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