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Data SEO Summer Test

From August 23 until September 1, Oncrawl organized a big test to allow SEOs to improve their Data SEO skills, discover the Data SEO Summer Test!

Has summer made you forget your data SEO knowledge?

Summer is coming to an end and it’s already time to think about getting back to work! Hopefully, SEO has never been so fast-moving and the future looks exciting with the rise of SEO Data! To prepare your knowledge and test your skills, Oncrawl has set up a unique event!

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5 topics, 10 lessons and 5 SEO experts to guide you!

Lesson 1: Text generation

Lesson 2: GPT-3

Vincent Terrasi, Head of Data & Product @Oncrawl

“Machine-generated text and NLP (natural language processing, or how machines understand and produce human language) have undergone a revolution in the past few years. Thanks to advances such as those we see in BERT (here’s the technical version) and other, similar models like GPT-2 and GPT-3, the quality we are capable of producing has skyrocketed.”

Lesson 3: Topical authority

Lesson 4: Auditing content strategies

Koray Tuğberk Gübür, Founder @Holistic SEO & Digital

“Thanks to deep learning and machine learning, semantic SEO will soon become a more popular strategy. And I believe that technical SEO and branding will give more power to the SEOs who give value to the theoretical side of SEO and who try to protect their holistic approach.”

Lesson 5: Data preparation

Lesson 6: Data modeling

Joseba Ruiz, BI Analyst and Digital Marketing technologist @Lookiero

“The analysis of organic search traffic, which in itself has a behavior and particularities quite different from the rest: paid search, email, organic social, direct, etc. is essential. In this sense and thanks to a wide range of tools available today, this kind of studies have managed to evolve to an unthinkable degree compared to just a few years ago.”

Lesson 7: Video scripts

Lesson 8: Semantic clustering

Billy Leonard, Content Marketing Manager @Ocado

Stefan Neefischer, Founder & Managing Director @PEMAVOR

“We’re in the age of data. Data is supposedly more valuable than gold, and we create data every time we interact with something. Which means there is no reason to not be using data when creating a strategy”

Lesson 9: Crawlability

Lesson 10: Internal linking

Daniel Heredia, SEO Marketer @Casumo

Antoine Eripret, SEO Lead @liligo.com

“Python can be a great asset to analyze and improve the crawling and indexing of our websites in many different ways. You can make life much easier by automating most of the tedious and manual tasks that would require thousands of hours of your time.”

Download the 10 free lessons on Data SEO and discover the Data SEO Summer Test questions

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Be among the top 5 participants and win free access to a unique Data SEO training! Learn using AI to write proven, high converting copy for increased conversions and higher ROI. Here’s a quick recap for both parts of what you’ll have access to, along with links to the public web pages that provide more information:


28 instructional videos.


6 documented and ready to use Google Colab.


A proven method to create Machine Learning apps with ease.


3 ways to automatically launch Jupyter Notebooks.


3 alternatives to GPT-3 for text generation, text summarization, and image generation.

“Since 2015, I have been giving lectures and face-to-face courses on Machine Learning and Data. In recent years, it has become clear to me that this format is no longer suitable because it is too restrictive from a geographical point of view and above all too expensive.
I have decided to rework the format to offer you the best of my courses in digital format focusing on hands-on work”

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Congratulations to them!