Manage Google’s crawl budget

OnCrawl helps you manage your crawl budget with the right indicators. Drive Googlebots to your most strategic pages.

What is Google’s crawl budget?

Google daily sets up the amount of resources dedicated to crawl your website. This is what is called “Crawl Budget”.The mission of any SEO team is to drive Google’s crawl budget to the pages that matter. At OnCrawl, analyses of millions of pages have show an relationship between crawl budget and impressions.

Spot what is slowing down Google’s crawl

Plenty of ranking factors may have an influence on crawl budget. With OnCrawl, you can verify the relationship between any of these parameters and the behavior of Googlebots.

  • Check the status codes encountered by bots
  • Compare all on-page metrics with bot behavior and with crawl ratio
  • Use crawl frequency to determine which groups of pages are perceived as the most valuable in Google’s eyes

Understand where Google’s crawl budget is spent

From orphan page detection to crawl ratio evaluation, OnCrawl helps you spot how Google and other search engines allocate resources to crawl your pages.

  • Check crawl ratio by segment or by depth
  • Determine which ranking factor influences bot behavior
  • Anticipate rises or drops in your rankings by monitoring crawl frequency

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