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#OncrawlEggs: go hunting the Oncrawl eggs!

March 26, 2018 - 1  min reading time - by Julie Quintard
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As every year, Easter is synonymous with chocolates, eggs and fun. This year, we have decided to spoil you during the whole Easter week. By participating to our game of rapidity and ability, you can try your luck to win one or two free month of Oncrawl Pro, and some goodies. Follow the guide to discover the rules of the game!

Oncrawl Easter eggs hunt

The principle is easy: 4 types of Oncrawl eggs are going to fall from the top of your screen. Among these eggs, 3 of them give you points and the last one removes some of your points. You must catch as many eggs as possible and avoid the traps. The goal is to have the highest score. Here are the details of the points:

You have the possibility to play three times a day.

Link to the game: http://shakr.cc/11yg7

Conditions to participate

To participate, you must fulfill the following criterias:

Gifts and selection of winners

The game starts the 1st of April and ends the 8th of April. During this week, you will have the opportunity to win one of the following lots:

  • 2 months of Oncrawl Pro+
  • 1 month of Oncrawl Pro+
  • Oncrawl Goodies

The 3 winners will be designated by random draw and announced the 9th of April on Twitter. We will also contact them by email to inform them of their gain.
The score doesn’t have any influence on the draw but you can increase your chances by inviting your friends to play in the comments sections of the Facebook and Twitter posts.

Good luck everyone! ?

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