Oncrawl named best 2019 Search Software Tool at the US Search Awards

October 14, 2019 - 3  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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We’re excited to announce that we just won the Best Search Software Tool at the US Search Awards after winning earlier this year at the European and MENA Search Awards.


US Search Awards 2019 on Wednesday, October 10th, 2019 at the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

“The US Search Awards is regarded as the premiere celebration of SEO, PPC and content marketing in the United States and celebrates and rewards the expertise, talent and achievements of the search industry.
The awards attract hundreds of entries from the leading search and digital agencies from across North America and to those based elsewhere around the globe who are delivering work for the US market.
The awards are judged by an esteemed panel of industry leaders and experts. The judging is a robust, credible and transparent two-step process, involving pre-scoring and a judging session where the panel discusses each entry in detail.
The 2019 awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, October 9 at the SAHARA Las Vegas Hotel & Casino during Pubcon Las Vegas.”


Oncrawl’s table at the US Search Awards: Laura Bony, Dayne Richards, Detlef Johnson, Olivier Pâquet-Thibodeau, Micheal McManus, Pascal Côté, Max Prin, Melody Petulla and Emma Labrador.

Oncrawl is the Best Search Software Tool for the US market

Oncrawl is a technical SEO platform that helps brands open Google’s black box by providing data-driven SEO analysis and actionable reports they can act on. It combines content, log files and business data at scale so that e-commerce websites and online medias can truly understand how search engines behave on their website.

Oncrawl has been working with over 100 companies in the US over the last 12 months, including Forbes or Vistaprint.

“We choose to invest in Oncrawl because we wanted to get ahead of some of the issues that could disrupt Google’s ability to crawl our site efficiently. As a large publication, we need to ensure that Google can crawl, render, and index our content just as quickly as we publish,” mentions Dayne Richards, SEO Analyst at Forbes.

This award is a true honor because it recognizes the hard work and expertise of our amazing team and partners who continue to work hard to provide the best technical SEO platform. It is also the third award that we won this year, following the MENA and European Search Awards, where Oncrawl also won two major entries.

We’re really proud to say that Oncrawl is the 2019 Best Search Software Tool for the US.

Our winning entry: Oncrawl Technical SEO Platform

When we entered the US Search Awards, we wanted to highlight the robustness, innovation and flexibility of our tool. Because at Oncrawl we work continuously to push the bounds of innovation, we’ve acted on client feedback to supercharge performance, improve user experience, and build revolutionary features that solve key customer problems. We choose to highlight the following features/updates:

Faster, better crawl technology

Why it’s essential

With our core crawler improvements, larger sites see enormous reductions in per-site crawl times, but even sites with less than 1,000 pages can see an eight-fold increase in crawl speed.

Why it’s revolutionary

No SEO tool of this caliber offers faster speeds. Algorithmic improvements to our crawler and our monitoring interface improve UX.

More powerful hreflang reports

Why it’s essential

It uncovers and resolve errors quickly and easily.

Why it’s revolutionary

It offers a unique cluster approach to hreflangs and reveals common implementation errors. But it also treats issues overlooked in other solutions.

Faster resolution of redirect chains & loops

Why it’s essential

It reduces time required to find and resolve redirect issues; access all URLs and all links involved.

Why it’s revolutionary

It reduces human error by removing manual Excel efforts and includes cross-domain analysis.

Splunk connector

Why it’s essential

It uses direct connection to automate uploading log files. It saves time and prevents errors.

Why it’s revolutionary

It uses non-aggregated data from Splunk, enabling cross-analysis. It goes a step further than our competitors.

Adobe Analytics integration

Why it’s essential

Provides in-depth information around user behavior on websites.

Why it’s revolutionary

Provides same level insights as for Google Analytics accounts regardless of configuration; easy setup in Oncrawl.

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