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December 10, 2018 - 2  min reading time - by Julie Quintard
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Can’t wait for Christmas? Good news: we are back this year with a special SEO Christmas game. Oncrawl has prepared something huge! Follow the guide to learn more about the rules of the game and find out what you could win.

Gap & GIFs

For this Christmas 2018, we have created a game around GIFs and texts with gaps.

The concept is easy: every day we will run a text with missing words on our Twitter account. You will have to retweet and answer in the tweet replies with the GIF you feel is the best fit. You can use GIFs available on Twitter or make your own one if you are feeling artistic.

To help you understand the rules, here is an example:

“How I react when I realize that Google just switched to mobile-first index for my #SEOChristmas : …. ”

And one possible answer could be:

We are looking for creativity, fun and originality so don’t be shy!

The game will start on December 17th and end on December 21st.

The official hashtag of this game is #SEOChristmas. Feel free to use it as many times as you want.

Remember, there are 3 key rules:

  • Retweet
  • Answer with a GIF
  • Answer in the tweet replies

How we select the winners

We will draw 5 winners among the replies on Friday, December 21st. Just before Christmas!

One answer per tweet will be selected. To increase your chances to be selected, you can participate every day for each text with gaps.

We will choose the winner based on what we judge to be the best answer. Our criteria are:

  • Accuracy
  • Fun
  • Originality

What you can win

Now we get to the most interesting part for you: what you can win. We have prepared the perfect SEO Christmas kit which is composed of 5 gifts:

  • The Oncrawl christmas sweater – this is a limited and awesome edition so you will be the only person on Earth to wear this sweater.

  • A Nerf Blaster – an essential tool for every respectable SEO office.


  • The special Oncrawl Christmas Box – including a tee-shirt, some cool goodies and of course chocolate.


  • The Ninja Domo USB Drive – a loyal soldier that will protect you against every Google Penalty and store your information (up to 16G).

  • An entire year of Oncrawl subscription – a year of free crawls, logs analysis, cross-data reports and many other features to help you boost your daily SEO performance.


Let’s play! We are looking forward to discovering your amazing GIFs. Good luck everyone! ????

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