5 SEO podcasts that you need to listen to

May 11, 2016 - 3  min reading time - by Julie Quintard
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There are so many ways to keep you informed of the different changes that are occurring within the SEO world. One of them is by listening to SEO podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to learn more about a subject and to keep in touch as they are easily accessible and less time-consuming than other formats. You can simply tune in on your way to work and access to more knowledge !

Here are 5 SEO podcasts that are proven to be useful to anyone interested in search engine optimization.

SEO podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

This podcast is probably one of the most popular podcasts on the internet today. Hosted by internet marketing experts Chris Burres and Matt Bertram since 2009, it has rapidly gained international recognition. The duo produces weekly content that revolves around one crucial question: ‘How do you get your website on the first page of Google?’

With more than 300 qualitative podcasts to choose from, they are aimed at anyone with an interest in internet marketing or SEO, from beginners to professionals. You can even ask questions on Twitter, under the hashtag #SEOPodcast, and the experts might pick it up during the podcast.

Edge of the Web Radio

Edge of the Web is an hour long podcast presented by 3 experts: the founder and senior SEO consultant of Site Strategic Erin Sparks, the SEO consultant of also Site Strategic Tom Brodbeck and Douglas Karr, the founder of Marketing Tech Blog.

They provide weekly programs that are centered on SEO, Content marketing and PPC. The main advantage of this podcast is the variety of the program: you can find interviews of renowned SEO experts (such as Barry Schwartz for example), professionals who come as guests to talk about a specific subject along with basic yet qualitative podcasts.

You can also subscribe to get SEO daily tips on these different subjects or check the #EDGETALK Twitter stream !

Yours in Marketing

If you are an SEO lover, and overall a marketing addict, Yours in Marketing is the perfect podcast for you. Hosted by Blake Emal, Account Strategist @Directive, this marketing podcast focuses on SEO and has already featured Tim Soulo, CMO @Ahrefs and Cyrus Shepard, Founder @Zyppy before.

On a regular basis, the host and his guests will give you a tour of the latest news and trends inside the SEO sphere and provide actionnable advices for the optimisation of your website or company.

SEM Synergy Podcast

SEM Synergy is hosted weekly by the influential Bruce Clay and his co-hosts Virginia Nussey, Mindy Weinstein, Kristi Kellogg and Robert Ramirez. The advantage of having many co-hosts is that, by listening to the podcasts, you feel like you are attending a panel.

They use their backgrounds and experiences to analyse search engine news and deliver marketing and seo tactics to listeners.

Marketing Nerds

Last but not least, I am sure you already knew the website Search Engine Journal but did you know they were also providing weekly podcasts? Hosted by Kelsey Jones, Brent Csutoras, Danielle Antosz, and Caitlin Rulien, the podcasts have the advantage of being unique and varied as each episode is produced by only one member.

Each week, an expert evolving in the world of SEO, Content Marketing or Entrepreneurship is invited to share his wisdom with auditors which adds up with the different experiences of the SEJ hosts.

Bonus: Frugal SEO

Frugal SEO’s goal is to make SEO less technical and easier to understand. Created in 2020 by Nicolás Forero, it has earned positive reviews, particularly from people new to SEO.

If you have any other SEO podcasts you like to listen to, please feel free to share them in the comments!

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