Gain 1M visits per page with Google Discover

Thanks to Oncrawl, understand which pages are featured in Discover, and why.

Why audit Google Discover with Oncrawl?

  • Promoted Discover stories can compensate for flagging organic search


  • Identify Discover traffic that was mislabled in analytics platforms as “direct” ou “other”


  • Focus on the eligible parts of your website: news articles, videos, product details, job postings…


  • Confirm key performance metrics that move the needle for your site, such as recency, best practices, and SEO metrics.

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Going further: Join Oncrawl x BILD for a deep dive


Jérôme Salomon, Senior Technical SEO at Oncrawl, and Vivienne Gizet, Editorial Lead SEO at BILD join forces to show you what and how to improve your Google Discover performance through a hands-on, data-driven approach.

June 20, 2024 – 2:00 GMT+2

" Publishers make between 10k and 3M visits a day from Discover. One article performing well in Discover can reach over 1M visits. "
Vivienne Goizet Editorial Lead SEO @Bild