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October 26, 2016 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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“SEO needs a more scientific approach as the hudge amount of data is getting much harder to analyze today. With the integration of Google Analytics to our dashboards, we help e-commerce websites, online medias or smaller ones to have the right tools to take the right decisions. With this feature we really trust we are taking Oncrawl to the next level: the democratization of Big Data technologies for any SEOs.” Francois Goube, Co-Founder and CEO of Cogniteev
Bordeaux, 09/06/2016 – SEO crawler and log analyzer Oncrawl has just released a new feature : the integration of Google Analytics data into its SEO dashboards.
Google Analytics by Oncrawl lets you compare crawl data with Google Analytics data. The user receives an overview of how SEO, SMO and user behavior impact his SEO traffic and get clear insights to improve his position, traffic and conversions.
Traffic Analysis SEO

Monitoring the impact of SEO traffic

With Oncrawl Traffic Analysis, SEOs can analyze how their bounce rate, average time by session, new visitors and returning visitors are impacting the quality of their SEO traffic. Moreover, they can measure the weight of main tags, load time, inlinks, word count and structured data on their SEO traffic.
This new feature lets them also identify how sessions by days, by engine, by group, by depth and how active and inactive pages by group and by depth influence their rankings and thus their SEO traffic.
Finally, they are able to track the characteristics oft heir most active SEO pages, discover their active orphan pages and know how many SEO visits they generate.

Analyzing the influence of SMO traffic

“Traffic Analysis also helps search marketers to detect how bounce rate, average time by session, new visitors and returning visitors are impacting the quality of their SMO traffic.” says Tanguy Moal, CTO of Cogniteev 
traffic analysis google analytics oncrawl
They can understand the impact of Open Graph, Twitter Cards quality, load time and word count evaluation on their sharings and SMO traffic.
Furthermore, they are able to monitor their SMO sessions by social network and group, to detect their most SMO active pages by Open Graph and Twitter Cards metadata and their most SMO active and inactive pages by group and depth.
They can go further and highlight the characteristics of their most active SMO pages, discover their active orphan pages and know how many SMO visits they generate.

Understanding the impact of user behavior

As user behavior also impacts rankings, SEOs need to know which elements on their website can positively or negatively impact user experience.
‘Traffic Analysis’ thus delivers clear insights about bounce rate evaluation by new visitor, returning visitor, desktop or mobile. Data are also available about how status codes and in particular 4xx errors and 3xx impact bounce rate and thus the quality of traffic.
Then, SEOs can analyze their average bounce rate and average time by session by group, by load time, by word count, by images, by user language, by device and by screen size.
The Traffic Analysis feature is available from Business plan.
About Cogniteev
Cogniteev is a provider for Big Data solutions. All Cogniteev products share a common technology layer based on semantics, crawling and Big Data, designed to extract and aggregate data from the web and to structure it in an intuitive way. The goal of the team gatharound the co-founders François Goube and Tanguy Moal is to make data easily accessible and actionable, for everybody. Cogniteev counts today 14 employees and has raised recently 500.000 euros from ACI and from an Angel Investor.
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