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May 16, 2017 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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“This award is a great recognition from our pairs and the SEO industry. We are in a fast-growing stage and are planning to recruit 100 new talents before 2020. This award is a great exposure in terms of international development”, says François Goube, CEO of Oncrawl.

Bordeaux (France), May 4th – The French SEO solution Oncrawl won Best Search Software Tool at the European Search Awards, in Krakow, Poland and keeps expanding internationally.

Oncrawl helps websites improve their SEO performance and revenues

French solution Oncrawl is expanding internationally and strives to become the leading software in the global SEO industry within the next years. While the company is based in Bordeaux, a French city that is worldly-known for its wine, it is now taking more and more action in the digital ecosystem.
The tool actually helps e-commerce websites and online publishers to improve their traffic and revenues following Google’s guidelines. More precisely, Oncrawl is a bot that explores any website and gives data-oriented insights webmasters can act on to improve their search engine optimization strategy.
Oncrawl is an analytics tool that helps verify SEO assumptions with tangible and exhaustive data. Currently, the company has more than 300 customers in Europe and North America such as L’Oreal, Quiksilver, Mondadori, SeLoger or Canon.
Oncrawl offers two solutions. The SEO crawler follows every link of a website and gives an overview of the HTML quality, architecture, content and performance according to search engines guidelines.
On the other hand, the log analyzer gives detailed data about how search engines behave on every page of a website and tells what has a positive or negative impact on the indexation. Oncrawl computes all these informations in comprehensive dashboards and reports.

Oncrawl has democratized Technical SEO

Oncrawl’s founders have 15 years experience in semantic analysis and SEO. Their expertise has for instance led them to develop the first ever near duplicate content detector on the market.

Oncrawl’s interface – Combined Analysis

“Our market is wide because everyone needs reliable data. Many websites are looking for tools to help them reach their business goals but don’t have the expertise. We don’t need to outreach that much. We receive hundreds of calls every week,” explains François Goube.
Moreover, Oncrawl’s plans start from 9.90€/month and let small companies complete SEO audits. Prices depend on the number of URLs that need to be analyzed.
Oncrawl has thus evangelized the market by giving access to small enterprises reliable and exhaustive data that were before only reserved to the big players.

Oncrawl is growing internationally

In that context, Oncrawl, which currently counts less than 20 employees, pursues its recruitment goal of 100 collaborators before 2020.
team oncrawl

The team outside its offices in Bordeaux, France

“We are in a fast-growing stage. Our turnover has been multiplied by 10 between 2015 and 2016 and we think of multiplying it by 4 in 2016-2017. We need to develop our teams to invest in R&D. We seek in priority engineers, business developers and customer success managers to help our clients get familiar with our tool,” shares François.

The company also plans to open offices in North America to cover all their clients’ time zones and to create new partnerships.
This award is seen as a gentle boost to settle their reputation worldwide and keep developing their expertise.

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