Onsite SEO data “à la carte” with the new Data Explorer and Custom Reports

March 4, 2016 - 3  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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“SEO is getting more and more scientific nowadays and the huge amount of data to analyze can make the SEO Manager’s daily work complex sometimes. With the new Data Explorer and the Custom Reports we are adding features to Oncrawl, that makes those analyzes easier, comprehensive and practicable for everybody. This is a major step in the democratization of Big Data technologies for SEO. Those functionalities are now available for all our clients.” Francois Goube, Co-Founder and CEO of Cogniteev
Bordeaux, 19th of November – Launched last March, Oncrawl is a powerful tool dedicated to the SEO optimization of websites. The tool is integrating today two extra functionalities: the Data Explorer and the Custom Reports. With its Data explorer, Oncrawl now allows a deep analysis and extraction of data no matter how big the data volume. The Custom Reports improve the understanding of this data, detailed in dedicated dashboards. It offers the ability to analyze specific groups of pages like ecommerce product categories or the SEO performances of article pages for a media website for instance.

Comprehensive Onsite SEO audits at enterprise level

Oncrawl is a tool allowing a full audit of a website’s SEO parameters. The user just needs to fill out an URL and the Oncrawl robots will index the website’s content.
Thus, Oncrawl delivers a full analysis of:

  • Tags: Titles, Descriptions, H1 tags, H2 tags, etc. …
  • Performance: Load time, Weight.
  • Architecture: Internal structure, Inlinks, Outlinks, Popularity flow…
  • Content: Duplications, word count, n-grams.

“Even for a medium size website, the amount of SEO data to consider can quickly become illegible. For some clients, we analyze almost 100 million pages.” explains Tanguy Moal, Co-Founder and CTO at Cogniteev. “We offer data-visualization that helps prioritize SEO actions easily but with the Data Explorer we also offer the ability to dive even deeper in a few clicks to identify more isolated issues.”

SEO data “à la carte”

quickfiltersData Explorer: Display your own selection of SEO indicators with the Custom Query Builder 
To analyze the SEO performances of a page or a group of pages, many indicators need to be taken into consideration: load time, duplicate content, tags (Hn, title,…)… depending on what the webmaster is trying to analyze, he needs different types of information.
“The Data Explorer offers the possibility to obtain for each link, each URL, a selection of indicators that the user is free to define. Our wish is to spare SEO Managers tiresome manipulations under Excel” explains Francois Goube, CEO of Cogniteev. “We have even set up ‘Quick Filters’ offering a quick access to the most common aggregates: broken links, pages with duplicate titles, etc …”.
Custom Reports: Data-visualizations for website subparts
“Not all pages are of the same value” adds François Goube, ”Some are more important than others. Thus, top sales, brand pages for example or even product forms are groups of pages that can create more or less value for an online shop”. With the Custom Reports the SEO Manager can define those groups and obtain a report filtered on these URLs. Data-visualizations for these groups are then even more actionable.

More sophisticated semantic analysis to come

“We mainly work with ecommerce websites and online Medias and realize more and more semantic analysis for our big clients.” explains Tanguy Moal. “We are thus going to supply even more sophisticated semantic detection algorithms in the next months. More exactly we are working on Watson or TensorFlow like technologies ».
About Cogniteev
Cogniteev is a provider for Big Data solutions. All Cogniteev products share a common technology layer based on semantics, crawling and Big Data, designed to extract and aggregate data from the web and to structure it in an intuitive way. The goal of the team gatharound the co-founders François Goube and Tanguy Moal is to make data easily accessible and actionable, for everybody. Cogniteev counts today 14 employees and has raised recently 500.000 euros from ACI and from an Angel Investor.

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