How to run a targeted SEO analysis using our Custom Filters?

December 17, 2015 - 1  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Doing an SEO analysis allows you to draw your SEO threats and opportunities. It is important to often crawl your website to check if all your onpage elements are performing well.

But sometimes you might want to only monitor specific factors or segments of your website.
That’s why we released our Custom Filters.

Easily segment your SEO analysis

From your dashboard, you can quickly create a new filter and add it to your crawl. Just select ‘Create A New Filter’.

target seo analysis oncrawl
Then, you can choose whether you want to focus on an URL path or on a full URL.

sgement seo analysis

Choose which selector you want to add between the following ones:

custom SEO reports
And add a value to complete your request. Here we fill out ‘Homme’ for men to only filter URLs with that entity. Enter a name to your new Custom Filter and then press ‘Create Custom Filter’.

custom filter oncrawl seo
Thus, when you go on your crawl, you can pick whether or not you want to apply your filter to only analyze your requested segment.

targeted seo analysis with oncrawl

You will only have access to a targeted report looking at specific URLs. With our example, you can analyze the HTML performances of URLs containing the word ‘Homme’ in their URLs.

filtered seo analysis

Those Custom Filters are great actionable tools to only focus on top pages for instance and not on your whole website. This is pretty useful when you set up SEO improvements on specific pages. You can directly access those URLs.

If you are an ecommerce vendor I definitely suggest that you try for instance to create custom filters for:

  • Your product pages
  • Your brand pages
  • Your categories 
  • Your Top selling products

You can try our Custom Filters for free during 30 days on all plans except on our Starter one. With the pro plan, you will be able to set up 1 Custom Filter. On the Business one, 3 Custom Filters are available and 5 on the Ultimate plan. No string attached, you can cancel your plans anytime you want!

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