Oncrawl gets a new look

Oncrawl gets a new look

May 18, 2022 - 3  min reading time - by Rebecca Berbel
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We’re very excited to unveil Oncrawl’s new look!

It’s been one year since we released our new brand identity, and the Oncrawl platform is finally catching up! After a year of work to bring you a new, clean, and exciting interface, it’s finally ready for you to enjoy.

Even better, the changes to the interface are more than just a change of colors: they’ve also been designed to begin to address usability questions and standardization issues related to current and future developments.

Embracing brand identity

Oncrawl New App Design

Oncrawl New App Design

Almost exactly one year ago, we announced a new branding, along with the release of the Genius suite of data science and machine learning-based products. This brought with it new colors, a new energy, and a new logo.

These have all been included in the Oncrawl platform, so you can feel more at home.

Preserving user habits and landmarks

We want to make sure we put our users first. Although colors, fonts, and style have changed, you should feel at home for now.

We’ve made no changes to the placement of platform elements. You can find all Oncrawl features through exactly the same paths, buttons, and shortcuts as before. On the different platform pages, you’ll see that no elements have been deleted – or even added. We’ve just used standardized design to make the purpose of each element and the flow of each platform screen clearer for you.

Oncrawl App_Setting up a new crawl

Oncrawl App: Adding data sources

Improvements to design make fields you need to fill out, help text, and explanations more visible.

If you’re a long-time user and very reliant on the old visual interface, we’ve prepared a help article for you, so you can compare the before and after of main interface screens and smooth the transition.

Building a visual language for predictable useability

More than looking pretty, the goal is to make Oncrawl easier to use and to understand. While this will take multiple steps, this interface make-over lays the groundwork for all of the next steps.

Based on user feedback and testing, we’ve improved the way we build an interface in Oncrawl. Using standard positioning, coding, and visual signals for each element in the interface, it’s now easier for you to identify functions, features, and other elements.

Oncrawl App: Number of H2 per page graph

New colors for standard charts are more accessible and easier to differentiate.


Our Product Designer, Marie Nauleau, spoke about her process and goals in a recent webinar.

Oncrawl App: Being faster and efficient

Standardizing elements like buttons allows for faster and more efficient development in Oncrawl’s product design and growth.

Removing roadblocks to future features through a custom, documented design library

Until now, Oncrawl was built on a publicly available front-end library: a great way for an application to get off the ground. We’re excited to move to an entirely new library, unique to Oncrawl and our vision of technical and data SEO.

However, public resources are built to meet as many common denominators as possible. As Oncrawl becomes an increasingly specialized platform, we’ve found that we need increasingly specific design elements.

The custom design system we’ve built to accompany this new look and feel covers everything the old library did, and allows Oncrawl room to grow. We’re extremely excited about how this new look and feel opens the door to upcoming platform changes – from big new features, to user-oriented modifications and specific usability improvements.

Take a look!

If you’re an Oncrawl user, you’ll see the new user interface as soon as you log in, as of today. If you’re not an Oncrawl user yet, there’s no better time to test the platform!

Request your custom demo

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