Introducing Oncrawl Genius: data-focused solutions to SEO challenges

May 19, 2021 - 3  min reading time - by Rebecca Berbel
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We’re thrilled to introduce Oncrawl Genius to you today!

Oncrawl Genius is the only technical SEO suite to offer bridges to data science and machine learning, so you can discover, connect and explore website data in new ways that lead to better SEO decisions.

Oncrawl Genius is an answer to the problem facing SEOs today: the challenge is not so much getting data, but understanding and processing it. SEO success is a question of knowing how to analyze and cross-reference data to gain innovative insights that provide a competitive advantage.

Why provide a bridge between SEO and data science and machine learning?

Oncrawl’s desire to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation has led us to be the first to release a number of features that are used by many SEO professionals today, ranging from our near-duplicate content detector, to our JS crawler or even our Inrank metric.

“Oncrawl has – since the early days – invested in R&D and worked on data projects. At the same time, we have seen a growing interest in the SEO sphere in data science and machine learning projects for predictive and automative SEO.”
–Tanguy Moal, Oncrawl Co-Founder & Product Evangelist

How Oncrawl Genius works

Oncrawl Genius allows you to build on, connect and explore your Oncrawl data.

By drawing SEO and website data into your data ecosystem, you are no longer limited to your website, your backlink profile, your on-page SEO, and your technical SEO projects. This broader reach allows you to address challenges on both an SEO level and a business level.

Oncrawl Genius focuses on challenges like these:

  • Adapt your digital marketing efforts to minute or emerging trends in your search markets
  • Reliably quantify expectations through SEO forecasting
  • Find business insights through the integration of SEO data in Business Intelligence analyses
  • Highlight the added value of your SEO strategy by demonstrating the ROI of your projects
  • Obtain and exploit complete datasets for Big Data volumes
  • Build reliable, repeatable SEO processes through automation and industrialization

Three new Oncrawl products

The Oncrawl Genius suite is composed of three new products: Oncrawl Labs, Oncrawl Developer and Oncrawl BI.

Oncrawl Labs

Oncrawl Labs is an R&D platform exploring the intersection of technical SEO, data science and machine learning.

Oncrawl Labs offers a portfolio of algorithms to address strategic SEO issues, gives access to features not yet available on the SEO market and feeds Oncrawl’s product roadmap.

Oncrawl Developer

Explore, aggregate and export your data in big data volumes for use in custom solutions to business and marketing problems.

Oncrawl Developer provides an open REST API to easily get access to Oncrawl’s data. Our solution gives you total freedom if you are interested in integrating our data into your own ecosystem, whether that means a protected in-house system, or via platforms like Google Cloud Provider, Microsoft Azure, or AWS.

Oncrawl BI

Drive better strategic decision-making through business intelligence and data analysis by making your Oncrawl data available wherever you need it.

Oncrawl BI offers SEO and data teams easy and secure connections to their favorite business intelligence solutions like Data Studio or Dataiku for custom reports and analyses. Your Oncrawl data are available wherever you need them for in-depth analysis, without coding, custom scripting or ungoverned access.

How to access Oncrawl Genius

The different elements of the Oncrawl Genius suite are available to add on to existing Oncrawl subscriptions. Reach out to your sales representative or contact us through the chat.

If you’re not an Oncrawl user yet, now’s the time to find out what Oncrawl can do for you! Please book a personalized demo so that we can set up your free trial with everything you need.


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Rebecca is the Product Marketing Manager at Oncrawl. Fascinated by NLP and machine models of language in particular, and by systems and how they work in general, Rebecca is never at a loss for technical SEO subjects to get excited about. She believes in evangelizing tech and using data to understand website performance on search engines. She regularly writes articles for the Oncrawl blog.
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