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April 27, 2016 - 1  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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We have just released a new product update at Oncrawl! Based on user feedbacks, you can now export your most important crawl data as PDF or PNG.
We know that as a SEO expert, you need to present your SEO audits and reports easily to your clients. And what speaks more than visuals? That’s why you can know use our graphs to illustrate your SEO audits and clearly show your clients key points of improvements.

Export your data as PDF to create SEO reports

If you look at the right top corner of each tabs, a new button has appeared: “Print/PDF”.

oncrawl data export as pdf

If you click on that button, a pop up will show up.

make seo audits more appealing

You have the ability to only export a few tabs or all your crawl data. This option is convenient if you only want to present specific improvements to your clients and not all SEO metrics. You can focus on the data that matter to you.

Export your graphs as PNG

You also have the choice to export some graphs as PNG. If you are already using your own SEO reports with branded designs, you could also only want to use some graphs to illustrate your presentation.
This is now possible. At the right top corner of each graphs, you now have a gear icon. If you click on it, a pop up will appear.

Oncrawl ease SEO audits

Beside the new ability to display your graph also in percentage,

oncrawl seo audits made easy

or in table,

actionable seo audits with oncrawl

you can export your graphs as PNG, CSV or expand them to make them bigger.You can now use your graphs as you want. No need to screenshot our app anymore.

Want to fully enjoy that functionality? Just connect to your account, you will certainly see a popup asking you to refresh your page to access those latest updates.

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