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July 6, 2016 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Hi guys! Summer is coming but it does not mean that we are not working on making your tool better. As we care about our customers feedbacks and heard this one, we have decided to integrate a support tab to our tool. So we have just added this new tab to your app.

Discover your new support tab

On your left tabs, just under ‘New Project’, you have now access to a ‘support’ tab.

Discover our support tab

If you click on it, you will access more details about how we can help you.

more resources to improve seo

You have now access to 4 different resources. Our blog, our knowledge base, our SlideShare and our Youtube channel.

The SEO blog

If you are here, this is because you already know our blog. But for those who are not that familiar with this place, our blog focuses on SEO good practices, search engines updates articles, on-site SEO tips and tricks and more marketing stuffs. Our type of content goes from articles to infographics or expert articles. We also like to explain every updates we release to make them easily understandable by everyone.
We thus want to deliver actionable resources to help you increase your search traffic and improve your SEO performances.

The Knowledge Base

We have also crafted a handy knowledge base to help you understand our key metrics.
Not familiar with all the SEO metrics? This Knowledge Base will for sure help you better assimilate how to improve your search performance regarding the latest search engine guidelines. The resource is split under the following categories:

  • SEO metrics
  • More advanced metrics
  • Metrics about your internal links architecture
  • Metrics and features about your content and its SEO impact
  • Metrics about your log data

The SlideShare

Our Slideshare account gathers our presentations at different conferences we attended. This is pretty convenient if you were not able to join us during those meetings. It goes from on-site SEO good practices and case studies to guides on how to use our open source analyzer. We have also uploaded our knowledge base in a more visual way to make it more “snackable”.

The Youtube channel

Our Youtube channel delivers tutorials and guides on how to use our SEO crawler and log analyzer. You will find videos about how to launch a new crawl, how to use our duplicate content detector and how to use our Data Explorer for instance. Also, we recently added our official video that introduce our powerful trio. How cool is that?

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Emma was the Head of Communication & Marketing at Oncrawl for over seven years. She contributed articles about SEO and search engine updates.